Ask a Recruiter: I want to stand out from other job seekers in every way possible. Should I adopt a unique email address that catches attention?


Attention to detail will help you when you apply to staffing agencies, such as The Bagg Group. So pay attention to your email address to make sure it’s working for you, and not against you.

Here’s a good list of do’s and don’ts. And if you’re unsure whether your email address is appropriate, play it safe and don’t use it.

A basic, standard email address won’t, in any way, hurt your chances for job opportunities. But an inappropriate email address may get you kicked off the island.

What not to do:

  • Don’t use a friend’s email address, or your spouse’s. You can always get your own email account with free email providers like gmail or hotmail. Why is this important? Firstly, you appear more professional when you own your email account. Secondly, staffing agencies that work with temporary or contract employees in particular send out large numbers of emails. It makes it easier on us when your name and your email address match.
  • If your only email address is a non-professional moniker, like balletmom@ or Ben’sDad@ or SailorBob@ you must get another one for your job search. You always want to keep attention focused on your professional life, not your private one.
  • Whatever you do, do not use a cute name intended to charm, like Perfect.Choice @ or The Answer to Your Prayers @. What may work for online dating services won’t impress anyone at a staffing agency. Trust me, human resource experts are won over by professional behavior, not seductive strategies.
  • If you are seeking new work opportunities while currently employed, don’t use your office email address. Remember that an office computer and email is not your own private property, but belongs to the employer who has the right to access it. What’s more, potential employers may not be impressed that you’re seeking work on company time.
What to do
  • If there’s a particular skill you wish to emphasize to recruiters, you could consider it making it part of your email address. For example Mary.ITpro@ or JoePayablesExpert@ So long as the contact name is professional and relevant to your job search, it can serve as an easy way to reinforce your area of expertise.
  • The standard practice is to use your name, and there’s nothing wrong with doing that. For example, janesmith@ or jsmith@ or j.smith@ is not eye-catching, but it’s fine. And you don’t have to worry about whether your address sends off the wrong message.

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