Ask a Recruiter: I sent in my resume for a job for which I believe I meet all the criteria. So why hasn’t a recruiter called me?


At The Bagg Group, the first thing we would tell you is, “Please, don’t take it personally.”

Of course, we know that’s easier said than done. But here’s why we say it.

There are many, many factors that go into every recruitment decision. If we don’t call you for an interview this time, it’s likely for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with you.

Recruiters understand that you are eager to work, whether you’re seeking full-time job opportunities in the GTA, or temporary employment or contract work.

But here are the top two reasons why staffing agencies may not call you for an interview, even when you feel you meet all the job requirements.

1. It’s all in the details
It may seem to you that you have all the qualifications listed in the job posting. But job descriptions don’t detail the typically long wish lists of employers.

As an example, a GTA employer could specify that the first round of people they want to interview are those who have worked within a particular industry, or even a specific company, for a minimum period of time.

Or they may give preference to candidates who, in addition to meeting essential criteria, also have expertise in a complementary area.

And finally, it’s not uncommon for employers to change their criteria as the job search progresses.

2. Timing can be everything
When we seek a perfect candidate for an employer, we post the job and at the same time, we network extensively. As a result, your application may not be among the first we receive.

Even as we continue our search, we present solid applicants to our clients.

It could be that the employers are happy with the initial candidates we put forth and don’t wish to interview more.

It can also happen that the employers decide not to fill a position, or to put their search on hold.

But here’s a tip, particularly for those seeking temporary work opportunities: It may help your chances if you send your resume very late at night or very first thing in the morning so that it is at the top of the recruiters’ inbox when they get in to work the next day.

So what should you do when your recruiter doesn’t call?

Revisit your resume if, over time, it has never generated interest. Make sure it’s a well-crafted resume that highlights you achievements in your field, and is free of typos, bad grammar, confusing descriptions, etc.

Avoid the temptation to call us…please. Put your time and effort into a new search instead.

To recap: If we haven’t called you for an interview, it’s either because the position is on hold or no longer available, the client is not interviewing any more candidates, or your resume doesn’t match the employer’s very detailed requirements.

Recruiters receive as many as 200 resumes every single day, and we do screen them. But as you can imagine, there aren’t enough minutes in the day for us to field calls from applicants wondering why they haven’t been asked for a meeting.

Remember, as recruiters, we use several avenues for networking and so should you. Consider social and peer networking, volunteer work, meeting former colleagues for coffee.

Visit this blog often for job-hunting tips.

Keep looking, there will be other opportunities.

Finally, and most importantly, don’t get discouraged and don’t take it personally!!

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