Ask a Recruiter: I’m looking for work and I’m twittering about it. Is that okay?


Whether you want temporary work, a full-time job opportunity or contract work,  twittering can work for you. But if you twitter inappropriately, it can work against you.

Never write a tweet that would embarrass you if it fell into the wrong hands. There are already too many stories about people who have interviewed for jobs in the GTA and afterward made what they thought were funny comments about the experience on Twitter.  Sure enough, those tweets were spotted by people within the organizations who were not amused. 

The Globe and Mail recently reported on a story that stands as a warning to all job seekers.  A candidate sent a tweet about being offered a job at Cisco, the high-tech giant in California, that read in part: “Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh…a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.”

In less than hour, this twitterer received a message back from Cisco and lost her job offer.

For tips on how to twitter properly, check out the article 50 Terrific Twitter Tips for Job Seekers.

 Meanwhile, the recruiters at The Bagg Group have put together this list of short tweets for you that are words to twitter by:

  • Create an easy-to-remember Twitter name. Make sure it’s not silly and won’t make potential employers wonder about you.  
  • Put your professional Web site or even your personal LinkedIn url on your Twitter profile.
  • Don’t get too casual. Twitter is an informal way to spread information but you want to project a professional image.  Use correct grammar and spelling to help your image.
  • Don’t post anything inappropriate.  When it doubt, leave it out.  You don’t want potential employers to question your judgment or good taste.
  • Follow and connect with people with similar interests to network.
  • Follow up off of Twitter. Don’t rely on Twitter to make all the connections for you. Network off Twitter or follow up with an e-mail when it’s appropriate.

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