Let your up-and-coming HR talent know about The Bagg Goup’s HRPA scholarship program


For 21 years, The Bagg Group has been sponsoring an HRPA scholarship to encourage students to pursue studies and a career in human resources.

We’re the only staffing agency to sponsor this scholarship, but we have good reason.  First and foremost, we are in the business of helping people achieve their aspirations.  So to sponsor an HR student who is motivated to excel embodies our values. 

Equally importantly, sponsoring this scholarship is another way we show our  appreciation of an industry that contributes so much to the day-to-day work lives of Canadians.

We share with HR professionals the same belief that people are a company’s best asset. The staffing solution experts at The Bagg Group can confirm that the right person, in the right job, is the ultimate competitive advantage of any organization.

While we find the right people, it is the HR specialists who put programs and policies in place to help them thrive on the job. They are the ones who work diligently to create a safe, fair, and productive environment.  And we know that is what our candidates want, whether they are seeking full-time positions, contract opportunities or temporary employment.

This year’s HRPA scholarship winner, Hayley Rosenbaum, does the profession proud.  Hayley is a straight A student who is earning her Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resources at the University of Toronto.

She has proven competencies in those skills that characterize HR professionals.  She is strong in team-work, relationship building, and critical thinking.  With those abilities, it’s no surprise that Hayley won the prestigious U of T arbitration competition.

While completing her studies, Hayley works part-time in the HR department at the Ontario Clean Water Agency where, among other things, she has analyzed exit interview data to identify areas for improvement and organized an employee recognition program. 

Do you have a scholarship candidate working in HR?

Is there someone in your company you would like to see honoured with The Bagg Group sponsored HRPA scholarship?  If so, encourage her or him to apply.  The award carries a $2,000 gift to assist the student financially so that they may successfully complete their human resources studies.

To be eligible, the candidate must be an HRPA member and enrolled in the association’s academic courses, either full-time or part-time.

Visit the HRPA site for more information.

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