Ask A Recruiter: Recruiters at The Bagg Group Insist Every Interview is Worth the Time


It happens on occasion that you get called to interview, and even as you write down the time of the meeting, you decide you don’t want the job. 

Sometimes, your instincts are right.  But with more than 30 years in the business of staffing, the recruiters at The Bagg Group know that often people are guided not by instinct, but by preconceptions. 

The definition of a preconception is an opinion that is formed before you have adequate evidence.  And jumping to conclusions is never a useful strategy.  Certainly, it is not an advisable plan for anyone who is seeking full-time employment, contract opportunities, or temporary work.

At The Bagg Group, we urge all candidates to lose their biases and instead make informed judgments about opportunities.  The key word is “informed.”  That means going to an interview and learning all the facts before deciding on anything.  

To that end, approach the interview with an open mind, and the attitude that ‘you just never know.’  Many of our candidates have reported back that they were pleasantly surprised. 

At best, the opportunity for which you are interviewing offers more potential than you anticipated.

At the very worst, your meeting with a hiring manager gave you a chance to practice your interview skills.  And that is worth every minute of your time and effort. 

What’s more, you can never afford not to make as good an impression as possible.  The people you interview with today may move to new company in the GTA tomorrow.  And their new position may be at your dream company. You want to make sure they remember you well.   

That’s why as staffing experts, we urge candidates to always dress for the interview, do their preliminary research on the company, prepare questions, and show enthusiasm, regardless of their preconceptions.

Cecil Taylor, a pioneering jazz musician, is famous for saying, “You must surrender whatever preconceptions you have about music if you’re really interested in it.”

His words apply equally well to anyone who is interested in expanding their work skills, knowledge, and opportunities.  Give every interview a fair chance, because every chance you take can be a chance to win.

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