Recruiters at The Bagg Group offer Tips on How to Be a Competitive Candidate for Any Job


While you are seeking employment, take the time to upgrade your skills, and your knowledge about the industry you work in. 

The best way to bring yourself up-to-date is to follow in the footsteps of companies, and do some Research and Development.

We have placed many candidates with top companies in the GTA after they have done just that.

Organizations undertake R & D for two reasons:  to stay useful to their market, and to stay ahead of their competitors. 

Whether you are seeking full-time employment in the GTA, contract work or temporary employment, looking for a job is like running your own company. The product you are bringing to the market is your service and expertise.

And so, like any company, you too must do Research and Development to make sure you stay up-to-date, useful and competitive. This is an investment of time and energy that you can’t afford not to make.

Recruiters at The Bagg Group say candidates who have upgraded their skills and can talk knowledgeably about new trends and innovations in their field make a positive, powerful impression on hiring authorities.

So how do you conduct Research and Development? 

Staffing experts at The Bagg Group offer these tips:

  • Upgrade your skills: Take classes, online or in person, in subjects related to your type of work. Be sure to include these on your resume.
  • Attend seminars: Workshops and seminars are great for picking up news about your industry, as well as for networking. Look also for online seminars, many of these are free.
  • Read, read and read some more: Read the business pages, trade journals, websites, and blogs about your area of interest. In this way, you stay informed about the people and the situations that are pre-occupying those in your field.
  • Make Google your colleague: If you are not currently in an office, you may miss having a work buddy with whom you can exchange news over coffee. But you do have a resource that can offer you just as much insight into what is happening in your area of interest.
  • Search engines makes it possible to research everything and anything. For example, if you are looking for temp office work in the GTA, you can discover the skills and qualities that companies consider to be most important nowadays by doing an online search. Or, if you are an IT specialist, you can get the inside scoop on how companies are responding to the latest software programs simply by Googling. It’s amazing what you can discover in the time it takes to have a coffee.
  • Talk shop: Share the tips and insights you learn with former colleagues and contacts. This is the best way to keep lines of communication open and ensure a valuable exchange of information.
  • Volunteer: Donating your skills to a volunteer organization is a win-win experience. Professionally speaking, you benefit from the opportunity to flex your skills in new situations, and the organization benefits from your help.

All companies consider Research and Development an essential investment in their future.  It works the same way for you.  Invest in some R & D to be the best candidate you can be.

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