What inspires you? Recruiters at The Bagg Group Want to Know


There is more to a job than a paycheque.  At the Bagg Group, we know that money matters, but it isn’t the only thing that does.

When our recruiters talk to people who are seeking full-time opportunities, contract opportunities, or temporary-placement, we ask about more than salary.

As well as talking about your skills and experience, we ask about your interests. What do you care about?  What are your ambitions, what do you hope to achieve?  What does a great day at  work look like for you?  These are terrific questions to think about before you go to any interview.

Our recruiters have asked themselves the same questions, and our answers have resulted in The Bagg Group winning the Award for Commitment to Community Service and Education from our industry, the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS).  For the second time.

As a staffing agency, we found that we care most about empowering people.  We believe we succeed when we help our candidates, clients and community meet their goals. The Bagg Group was founded on that belief over 40 years ago, and it continues to drive us today.

That’s why we sponsor a Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) scholarship that enables a person to complete studies in human resources.

It’s also the reason why we launch and support so many charitable initiatives.  This spring,  recruiters got together to help send our company president, Geoff Bagg, and his son to Honduras to do volunteer work and donate a house to one of the poorest families in a region ravished by poverty and neglect.

Every December, all us at The Bagg Group shop together for gifts for the Scott Mission Adopt-a-Family program.  And we have a great time.

As a group, and individually, we are energized by giving back.  Thinking of how we can best help others makes us more creative in all that we do.  We are inspired to think about more ways we can support our candidates and clients.

So consider what it is that inspires you to be the best you can be?   Acting on your answer will help you succeed in interviews, in your job, and in everything else you do.  We have the proof in the successes of the hundreds we have placed in the best companies in the GTA – and in the awards that hang on our walls.

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