Ask A Recruiter: The Bagg Group offers best practices for promoting and selling yourself in a competitive market


To reach your goal takes commitment and smart strategizing. That’s something every CEO and entrepreneur knows. 

And the most successful job-hunters know that too. That’s confirmed by The Bagg Group which has helped hundreds of candidates achieve their career goals.

Whether your goal is to land a full-time position, contract work, or a temporary placement, you need to make an impact in a competitive world.  You have to be the one to capture the interest and trust of a hiring authority. 

Those who have successfully built their own companies have advice on how to do that.  They know how inspire people to want their expertise and service.  Here are four key tips they offer to give a boost to job-seekers.

Listen to people’s complaints.  Entrepreneurs do it all the time – they need to know what people are complaining about, and they need to figure out how they can offer a better solution than anyone else.  

Follow in their footsteps. Listen carefully to friends and former colleagues when they talk about workplace complaints and issues.  What do your friends’ stories tell you about what organizations want, need, or expect from employees?

Reflecting on this question before an interview can help you stand out from the crowd.  You will be better prepared to talk about how you can meet expectations and needs.

Think creatively. CEOs say that they always ask themselves, “What can we  do differently and better?”  It’s a great question to ask about your job search.  Often, companies hold brainstorming sessions to answer their  – you can do that too. 

Two, or more, heads can be better than one.  Get together with former colleagues and friends and brainstorm ways you can create a bigger network of contacts or improve your resume.  You may be surprised at what you come up with.

Don’t give in to failure. CEOs who have started their own companies have all had their fair share of setbacks and failures along the way.  But they say, they couldn’t afford to let disappointment get them down.  They insist if they had stopped believing in themselves, they would never have reached their goal. Those who have overcome rejection say there are only two things you can do when it happens to you – be resilient and keep going.  This is what has made the careers of company presidents, and it can make your career too.

Upgrade and improve. Those who own their own company say that being complacent is a threat to their business. Instead, you need to continually think about what you can upgrade and improve. Job-seekers are no different, they need to continually update and improve their resumes, covering letters, phone pitches.

There’s no magic bullet, but in working with hiring authorities at the best companies in the GTA, The Bagg Group recruiters know that these strategies can make all the difference.

More entrepreneur strategies can be found in the book, The Risk Takers: 16 Women and Men Share Their Entrepreneurial Strategies for Success. 

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