The Bagg Group Sets the Record Straight about Job Hunting in December


At The Bagg Group, we love a good story as much as anyone else.  But this December, it’s time for us to debunk the three greatest myths of the month:

1.  Poinsettias are poison for humans.  Not according to the Minnesota Poison Control which promises these Christmas plants don’t kill.

2.   Boxing Day was born of the urge to return gifts of scratchy too-small sweaters as fast as possible.  In fact, its origin is an old-time British practice of giving boxes of food to employees. 

3.  There’s no point looking for full-time positions, contract work or temporary work in the GTA in December.  That’s just not true!  A bowl of candy canes at the reception desk doesn’t mean all work stops.

Recruiters at The Bagg Group are setting the record straight with these true facts about job-hunting in December.

‘Tis the season to be available and willing to be called in to help out. Many staffers book winter vacations during the holiday season, resulting in a greater need for temporary work.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to network. With thoughts of the holidays floating in people’s head, many are in better than average moods and more generous with their time.

Hiring authorities with positions to fill don’t want to put their job searches on hold.  They prefer to start the new year with new hires in place.

It’s also true that it can be more difficult to schedule interviews with decision-makers in the latter half of December.  That said, throughout the years, recruiters at The Bagg Group have sent candidates for interviews with the best companies in the GTA on December 24 and December 31. 

The bottom line?  Looking for a job is like running your own business.  And every business has to think competitively.  Many of your competitors for jobs will likely take most of December off.   And that’s why you shouldn’t.

Instead, take your cues from The Bagg Group recruiters who successfully help people find positions 12 months of the year:   Go ahead and decorate your work space with a poinsettia, and keep candy canes within reach, but don’t stop working toward your goal until office doors shut for the holidays.

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