Don’t play Scrooge this Holiday, Advise the Staffing Experts at The Bagg Group


Planning on taking a pass on marking the holidays with your team this year?  Thinking of just sending out emails and stopping there? Think again.  The staffing experts at The Bagg Group know that a celebration isn’t an indulgence, it’s an important employee retention strategy.

All work and no play doesn’t do much to lift employee morale or cement company loyalty. It may sound corny, but the team that has fun together, stays together. And t’s the season for a little levity.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  In fact, in a recovering economy, laying on the champagne and caviar can irk those who suffered the impact of budget cuts throughout the year.

Only 6% of companies in the US who are holding celebrations say they will spend more than last year on the festivities, according to a survey by the consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. But more companies are getting into the spirit, with 68% of businesses planning on holding some sort of party, up from 62% in 2009.  Still, John Challenger, CEO of the consulting firm, estimates it will be a year or more before there’s a widespread return to the types of blow-outs held prior to the recession. 

The survey also found that 53% of respondents are holding their holiday party at the office, and 54% are keeping the guest list to employees only, no significant others allowed.  That’s a shame because an office party is a terrific occasion to welcome the families of employees and thank them for their support.

At The Bagg Group, we do something different. We go shopping.  The company closes for half-a-day so all of us can hit the Eaton Centre and play Santa.  With money raised by staff and matched by the company, we load up on gifts for the Adopt-A-Family program organized by the Toronto-based Scott Mission.

This is not only a tremendous opportunity to help families in need, it also doubles as a true gift for all of us at The Bagg Group.  Working together to help our adopted families have a wonderful Christmas is a team-building experience that lets us do what we love to do best – help make a difference.

 After 40 years of successfully placing candidates in full-time positions, temporary work, and contract work, The Bagg Group knows that the best companies make a point to leave Scrooge at the door in December.  From holding a pot-luck to a fund-raiser, there are an infinite number of affordable ways to mark the occasion, the only thing that matters is to bring the spirit of the occasion into the workplace.

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