The Bagg Group Recruiters Wish Candidates the Gift of Not Thinking this Holiday


When offices shut down for the holidays, it’s your cue to do the most important thing you can do at this time.  Take a mental break.

Recruiters at The Bagg Group know that job-hunters can spend statutory holidays fretting. We also hear how about how many don’t look forward to gatherings with friends and family they haven’t seen for a while because they dread being asked, “Do you have job yet?” 

Here’a tip for how to answer that question.  Tell whoever asks that right now you are working – you are doing planning, marketing, and sales to find a position that is right for you.  But for today, your office is closed.

We all need a time-off from whatever it is we are working on, and that includes seeking a full-time job, contract work, or temporary placement in the GTA. 

Creativity experts say sometimes it is when you stop thinking about your goals for awhile that you come up with great ideas out of the blue.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the best-seller Eat, Love, Pray is a case in point.  When she hit writer’s block, she turned off her computer and put all her energies into gardening.   She wrote in Oprah magazine that, “quite suddenly, out of nowhere—I realized exactly how to fix my book. I washed my hands, returned to my desk, and within three months I’d completed the final version of Committed—a book that I now love.  Gardening, in other words, had turned me back into a writer.”

So when there’s nobody there to read your email or return your call, give yourself the best gift you can this time of year…a time-out to recharge your batteries.   With 40 years of placing candidates with the best companies in the GTA, we can assure job-seekers that a holiday spent doing something you love will pay-off in renewed energy for the new year.

From all of us at The Bagg Group, happy holidays.

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