Advice from The Bagg Group on Getting from New Year’s Resolutions to Results


In workplaces across the GTA, January kicks off with teams making New Year’s resolutions.  However, studies show only 12% of us keep our resolutions, according to Gene Hayden, author of The Follow-Through Factor: Getting from Doubt to Done. 

Ms. Hayden says 88% of us abandon our aspirations in the face of any of 15 obstacles that typically get in our way.  Regardless of how much we wish to accomplish a project, many of us put it on the backburner because we can’t find the time, the budget, the staff, the energy, or the confidence to move forward. 

“The bad news is anytime you have a goal, you have to run something of an obstacle course to make it happen,” says Ms. Hayden. “The good news is we can problem-solve our way around just about anything.”

Letting goals slide is not only bad for business, it’s equally bad for employee retention. At The Bagg Group, our four decades of interviewing top talent confirm that employee commitment is affected when organizations don’t work to help teams and individuals turn resolutions into reality.

Gene Hayden – who helps managers and teams in companies across the GTA follow-through on their aspirations – says a proven strategy for reaching a goal is to literally map out the journey from here to there.  A critical factor is to account for all possible roadblocks and detours along the way.

“Many managers talk with their team about what they want to accomplish,” says Ms. Hayden.  “They detail what the end result looks like, but it’s more useful, and engaging, to brainstorm together on how you’re going to get there, step-by-step.” 

To illustrate the point, it’s the difference between stating that you want to run the Toronto marathon, and brainstorming with a team of supporters about how to get in shape to reach the finish line.

The staffing solution experts at The Bagg Group know that the key to turning resolutions into results is the question, “What steps do you need to take to make your goal happen?”   

When we put that question to our clients, we commonly hear that their first step is to help their valued employees find time. We are told of talented, skilled people who are frustrated because they can’t fit new, promising projects into their already overloaded workday.  In these cases, our solution may be to find the right full-time candidate, or an excellent contract worker or temporary staff, to allow top producers to focus on what they do best.

In its forecasts for 2011, Business Week predicts that companies will resolve to accelerate growth through product development and market expansion. Successful teams everywhere are now making maps to get from Aspiration to Achievement.  And every journey starts with the same question, “What steps do we need to take to get there?”

The Bagg Group wishes you great success with your resolutions for 2011.

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