Why an Award for The Bagg Group Works for You


When companies give a recruitment agency top marks for excellent service, it spells good news for candidates of that staffing firm. 

That’s why we’re so excited to share with job-hunters that clients of The Bagg Group gave our recruiters an exceptionally high score for service.  And they rated our candidates as being top-notch. We did so well in a survey of staffing firms that we’ve been named to the 2011 Inavero Best of Staffing List – which is high praise in our industry.

Fewer than 1% of staffing firms in North America are named to the list presented in partnership with CareerBuilder. 

What does this mean for you?  It confirms that our clients have enormous trust in our recommendations.  So when we send you to interview for a position in the GTA, you can be assured that the hiring manager is truly looking forward to meeting with you.

Consider that a staffing agency is your introduction to a company which needs to fill a full-time position, a contract position, or a part-time placement in the GTA.  It’s important that the recruiter who recommends you is trusted for their expertise and credibility to pave the way for a good interview for you.

In fact, your recruiter is a bit like an executive producer of American Idol.  An MSNBC article notes that it is the executive producers who choose approximately 100 contestants in every city to audition for the celebrity judges.

The executive producers understand what the show needs to be a success.  As a result, the celebrity judges trust their time is well spent talking, and listening, to whomever steps before them. 

In the same way, The Bagg Group is known for only sending candidates to an interview if they are a good match for that particular company and its needs.  If we don’t refer a candidate, it’s because we know the fit is not there.   That’s what helped us win one of the most prestigious awards in our industry –and that’s why hiring authorities take our calls and our recommendations.

To make a great match between a company and a candidate, recruiters have to understand the criteria of the position to be filled, and the corporate culture of the organization.  They also have to know the job-seeker’s strengths and goals.  We get to know our candidates, which is why candidates rated us as high as our clients did, winning us a proud place on the 2010 Inavero Best of Staffing List for service to candidates.

Winning an award is terrific recognition.  We urge candidates to include awards, honours, recognitions on their resume.   At The Bagg Group, we believe in the value of a pat on the back.  But what really gives us cause to celebrate is knowing that we’re doing right by you, and by our clients.

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