The Bagg Group Confirm It’s Worth Your While to Keep Job Hunting This Summer


Remember the classic tale of The Tortoise and the Hare? The rabbit is so certain that a turtle can’t beat him in a race that he stops to nap during the event.  He wakes up to find the turtle had crossed the finish line while he was sleeping.

The moral of the story for candidates looking for full-time positions, contract work or part-time placements in the GTA is this:  Don’t spend the summer snoozing.  You may think the world has abandoned their desks and phones for the beach, but think again.

There is a widespread myth that hiring stops in the summer.  But that’s simply not the case, say The Bagg Group recruiters who are hard at work, placing candidates with the best companies in the GTA this season.

Business needs don’t take holidays.  While people may take a break for a week or two, the work goes on, even in sweltering temperatures.  Companies with openings are eager to fill them as soon as they can. Candidates who nap the summer away lose out.

The bonus of job hunting in summer is you have a competitive edge.  The great majority of candidates make the mistake of putting their hunt on ice from Canada Day weekend to Labour Day.  That’s cause enough to double your efforts.

The misconception that ‘nothing happens in the summer’ may have traveled over from Europe. The BBC has nicknamed August the “silly season” since so many employees get the entire month off, and much grinds to a halt  But in the GTA, it’s very much business as usual whether you are looking for a full-time position, contract work or temporary placement.

So if you are heading out to the coffee shop for a frappuccino, pick up your your laptop and take it with you. Prepare to send out resumes and make calls.  And to inspire you, consider these advantages:

Interviews may be more relaxed:  In summer, the workplace typically moves to a somewhat less hurried pace.  Interviewers may feel less harried when meeting with you, and can spend a little more time.  That means more time for you to talk about the skills and experience you can contribute to help the organization meet its objectives.

More temporary and contract work:  Recruiters at The Bagg Group note that summer is often the time when department heads will bring in additional short-term help to cover for employees on holiday.

Networking is easier:  It’s a good  time to call up contacts as many are glad for a reason to step out of the office for a little bit and head to a nearby patio to catch up.  Even the busiest contact may be more inclined to agree to 15-minutes, if only to catch a bit of summer breeze.

As we say often, looking for a job is a job. And you need a break as much as anyone.  But think twice before giving yourself the entire summer off.  Instead, be a fair but wise boss to yourself.

Consider putting yourself on summer hours:  shortened  work days and occasional three-day weekends.  And by all means, take a holiday from the computer for a week or two.  But in-between, keep actively looking for postings, targeting companies, sending out resumes, and networking.

With 40 years of successfully placing people, The Bagg Group recruiters know the sleeping hare never gets the job, any time of year.

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