Geoff Bagg Speaks on SunTV About What it Takes to Get a Job


Geoff Bagg, President and CEO of The Bagg Group, recently faced the million dollar question when interviewed on Sun TV. 

What does it take to get a job nowadays?

Geoff’s answer came as a surprise to many.   While most assume you need a great resume to land a job, Geoff emphasized it’s not what is on paper that is the most important thing, it’s what is on your mind.  

To get a job you need the right “mindset” he said.  That’s a fact, based on the experiences of the The Bagg Group, which has placed more than 57, 000 people successfully over 40 years.

In the interview on The Roundtable with host Pat Bolland, Geoff was clear.  Mindset, he said, doesn’t replace a job-search plan.   However, it is what you need to make your job hunt successful.  Without the right mindset, you won’t make the cut, no matter how great your resume.

So what is mindset?   It’s an attitude that determines how you view and respond to situations.  The good news is that the right attitude will give you an advantage over the competition. And the better news is mindset is something that every job-seeker can control.

Before meeting with people, you can take a minute and make a very deliberate decision to project enthusiasm and curiousity, or anger and bitterness, says Stanford University professor Carol Dweck.

A few years ago,  Carol Dweck wrote a popular called Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.  The book identified two types of mindset:

1. The fixed mindset.  You have a fixed mindset if you believe whatever skills or talents you have today are all you will ever have.  Your thoughts are carved in stone. You don’t believe in potential or in change.  What you lack, you think you will always lack.  And you do not hold out hope that your situation, or other people, will truly improve.

2.     The growth mindset.  You have a growth mindset if you believe that you can learn from any situation, good or bad, and that success comes as a result of effort, learning and persistence.  It is within your reach. 

At The Bagg Group, recruiters note that whether you are looking for a full-time position in the GTA, contract work or temporary placement, if you have a growth mindset, you’ll make the right impression.

As Geoff said in speaking with Pat Bolland: “A lot of people don’t realize that almost everyone is out of work at some point.”  Not having a job, he continued, doesn’t mean you are not a successful person, it simply means, for whatever reason, you have come to a time when you need to find a new opportunity for yourself. 

When you recognize you are in a period of growth and learning, you are ready to send out your resume and speak with anyone about your future.

To see the interview with Geoff Bagg on what you need to succeed, click here. 

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