To keep going when the going gets tough, use the buddy system, say Bagg Group Recruiters.


One of the biggest obstacles when job-hunting is sticking with your plan to keep looking. 

At last count, in the US, there were an estimated 4.9 million workers who have simply given up and stopped looking for employment.  It’s a different story in Canada as our economy did not take as strong a hit as that of our neighbor to the south.  But that doesn’t mean those who are looking to find employment in the GTA don’t get discouraged as well.

If you stop looking for a job, all you’ve got working for you is chance.  It’s possible you’ll get a call out of the blue.  But keeping your fingers-crossed is not really an effective strategy for success.

So what can you do when you feel like stopping all efforts to find a job and turning on the TV instead?   The recruiters at The Bagg Group recommend using the buddy system.

There is scientific reason why working on a goal, with a partner, helps keep you on track.  According to studies done at the University of Tokyo, it physically reduces stress hormones.  According to studies at the University of Indiana, it increases commitment.   That’s reason enough to give the buddy system a try, and here are some tips from The Bagg Group recruiters on how to do it.  

  • Pick a buddy:  It’s ideal if you know someone who is looking for work in a different field than you so you don’t feel you are competing.  But you don’t need to buddy with another job-hunter, anyone who you respect who has a goal they want to meet can be helpful. 
  • Set a weekly plan together:  Meet regularly, but stick to an agenda.  This meeting is your opportunity to review what you have done to date to meet your goals, what has been working and what hasn’t, and what you plan to do in the next week. 
  • Consider sending each other daily plans:  This is effective for two reasons.
  1. It forces you to sit down every morning and make a list of what you would like accomplish by day’s end.  Working for a set list helps keeps you focused and gives you an important sense of achievement.
  2. When you send your list to someone, you feel more motivated to do what you said you would.  If you know your buddy will email you at the end of the day to ask if you got through your list, you will be more driven to get things done so you can reply, YES.

 At The Bagg Group, recruiters have placed thousands of people successfully in full-time placements, contract work, and temporary placements.  That’s why we know persistence pays off.  And we also know that sometimes when you are walking a path and the going gets tough, it helps to have someone walking alongside to keep you moving forward no matter what.  

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