The Bagg Group’s Top Three Tips for Job-Hunting over the Holidays


At The Bagg Group, we have a seasonal message for all job-hunters in the GTA:  Don’t put your search on hold for the holidays.

Many people assume that hiring goes into a deep freeze between Christmas and New Year’s.  It doesn’t.  Some people may be away for a few days, but others are at their desk, using the holiday lull to get though their mail and tackle such tasks as reading resumes for a position to be filled.

At The Bagg Group, recruiters are busy year-round placing candidates in full-time positions, contract work, and temporary placements with the best companies across the GTA.  Our work continues even as the eggnog is poured. 


Here are three tips from our recruiters to help you make the most of your job search this holiday season.

 1.  Lend a hand:  There’s typically increased need for temporary work during the holiday season.  Consider the advantages:  It’s a way to earn money during an expensive time of year, and it’s an opportunity to get a foot in the door at a good company.  

 2. Network: People are in better than average moods during the holiday season so it’s the perfect time to network.  Whatever the occasion, be it a coffee or a party, be sure to keep your chat upbeat and positive.  A networking encounter is never the time to share worries and frustrations about your job hunt.  If you do, you could find yourself standing alone by the buffet table for most of the evening.  Instead, mention that you’re looking forward to an exciting year as you seek new opportunities in your field.

It’s always helpful to remember that the key to networking is to build relationships. This involves showing genuine interest in the other person.  A social encounter is not a job interview. Keep the focus on the person, not on their business card and what they can do for you. And try to remember a few details of the conversation to refer to later in a possible email to the contact you made.

3. Look for volunteer opportunities:  There is always a call for volunteers during this time of year.  We know from more than 40 years of experience in successfully placing candidates that volunteering is great for the spirit. And when candidates feel good about themselves, they do better in interviews. Another benefit of volunteering is that you expand your circle by meeting those who are helping out alongside you.  If you don’t know where to volunteer, check out which posts volunteer positions.


Those who look for work during holiday times are at a competitive advantage since many job hunters take an extended break from mid-December to mid-January.

That said, at The Bagg Group we know that looking for a job is a job in itself, and everyone needs some time off.  Be sure to give yourself a few days holiday to have fun and recharge.  That’s the gift of the season. 

From all of us at The Bagg Group, our very best wishes for the holidays.

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