The Bagg Group Hot Job Predictions for 2012


In late December, Geoff Bagg, CEO of The Bagg Group, appeared on Sun TV’s The Roundtable with Pat Bolland to alert viewers to workplace needs and hot jobs for 2012.

For more than 40 years, The Bagg Group has been monitoring and anticipating the staffing needs of companies across the GTA.  We have been taking the pulse of the market for so long that we can spot trends as they form. 

Here’s a brief round-up of Geoff Bagg’s predictions for in-demand jobs this year across the GTA.


At The Bagg Group, we constantly interview talented software administrators, developers and programmers to meet a demand that will only continue to rise.  

  • Notes to share at the watercooler:  Last July, Apple announced that over 15 billion apps had been downloaded from its apps store.  There is no turning the clock back.  This number is expected to skyrocket.
  • US research firm IBIS World  ranked e-commerce, internet publishing, and voice over internet protocol providers in the top 10 fastest growing industries and highlighted that all these share a need for IT specialists. 
  • Moreover, as Geoff Bagg told interviewer Pat Bolland, in Canada, as around the world, there’ll be significant growth in quality assurance, data security and protection needs, particularly in health care and banking.  The data security analyst, who can anticipate and pre-empt threats to an organization’s information system, is going to be especially sought after, given concerns of data breaches and online attacks affecting operations, coupled with rapid growth in mobile devices and apps
  • The findings of a global survey of 10,500 IT professionals, by International Information Systems Security Certifications Consortium — suggest that demands for IT security specialists will double as early as 2015.  The respondents also predict a gap in supply versus demand for qualified experts.

Business and finance: 

Events that led to the economic meltdown in the US continue to increase insistence on transparency in business globally, including Canada.  As a result, we know companies across the GTA will continue to seek auditors, accountants, and contract financial analysts / consultants  who are experts in ensuring adherence to good governance. 

As for business in general, this fall The Bagg Group saw a 25% increase in manager and director searches over the same period last year. We anticipate such demand will continue, particularly in the wake of retiring baby boomers.

  • The Bagg Group recruiters concur with reports in The Atlantic that rank financial examiners as one of the top fastest growing careers.  According to the magazine’s research, jobs in this field will grow by 41% over 10 years.
  • As Geoff mentioned on Sun TV and as we reported in an earlier blog,  there will be positions vacated as the first wave of baby boomers hit retirement age this year.  However, there are indicators that at least one-quarter of Canadian boomers plan to delay retirement, in part because of financial reasons and also because people are staying younger, longer.  It seems 65 is the new 55.

Health Care

 As the population ages, the need for health care providers grows. 

  • In his interview, Geoff Bagg noted that US stats show 13 out of 20 of the fastest growing occupations are related to health care, and the situation is similar in Canada.


Many of The Bagg Group clients — companies of all sizes across all sectors — use social media to connect and engage their target market.  We have no doubt organizations will continue to seek social media marketing experts who have know-how in multi platforms.  

  • It’s no surprise to us that according to the Huffington Post, the term “social media” ranked number 10 on the fastest growing keyword in job postings. 


Even though manufacturing is down, there are fewer people than before with expertise in various areas of construction and manufacturing, and we anticipate that as the economy strengthens over the next years, there’ll be greater demand than supply.

  • Canadian colleges are saying that in the next two decades, 40% of new jobs will be in skilled trades and technologies.  
  • Indeed, despite the downswing in manufacturing, The Bagg Group which      recently acquired Turn Key Staffing, is seeing steady demand for workers in the light industrial sectors.

The great news for 2012 is that we have the talent to take on the future. The Bagg Group recruiters know first-hand that there are excellent candidates for full-time positions, contract work, and temporary placements who are able and eager to rise to the challenges of the day.


To see Geoff Bagg’s interview, click here. Geoff’s segment begins at the 1:35 mark.

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