The Bagg Group Urges Candidates to Listen – That’s how TBG won Top Award as Best Staffing Agency for Clients and Candidates


“No man ever listened himself out of a job.”  That’s for sure! All recruiters at The Bagg Group can vouch for the ongoing truism of this statement made by US President Calvin Coolidge in the 1920s.

There’s no doubt about it, listening is one of the most valuable business skills you can have.

However, when candidates interview for a job, many stop listening to what the interviewer is saying and focus instead on what they want to tell the interviewer.

This is understandable.  The interview is your time to pitch your experience and skills.  But if you don’t concentrate on listening, you won’t hear what the interviewer actually wants and needs. And that can lead to a missed opportunity.

Just about everyone senses at an intuitive level if you’re listening or simply paying polite lip service.

As Alfred Benjamin wrote in his book, The Helping Interview, “Genuine listening is hard work; there is little about it that is mechanical… We hear with our ears, but we listen with our eyes and mind and heart … and gut.”

At The Bagg Group, we have interviewed hundreds of thousands of candidates and clients over 40+ years of business.  We can confirm people will talk openly about workplace issues, challenges, and needs when they feel someone is genuinely paying attention.

That’s why we urge candidates to concentrate on what the interviewer is saying.  And it’s why as recruiters at The Bagg Group we live the art of listening – it is how we learn about our candidates and clients so we can make the right match.

To prove that listening works, we can point to the 58,000 happy people we have placed in full-time work, contract position, and temporary placements over the decades.

And recently we were thrilled to receive even more proof. For the third year in a row, our candidates voted us to the Inavero Best of Staffing Candidate List. This award is presented in partnership with CareerBuilder.

It’s the staffing industry’s equivalent to the Oscar.  Fewer than 1% of staffing firms across North America make the list.

How did The Bagg Group make it?  In an independent survey, our candidates gave us top scores for how we communicate, for listening and respecting them, and always working with integrity and professionalism.

And we won the same honour from our clients who also gave us an extraordinary 9 or 10 out of 10 rating for client satisfaction  – that is more than double the North American average for our industry.

Because we listen, we don’t simply match a candidate’s skills to a client’s need.  Instead, we’re able to match a person to a company –whether that person is looking for a full-time position, contract work, or a temporary placement.  There is no way we could do that if we didn’t focus all our attention on what people are saying to us.

All of us at The Bagg Group thank our candidates and clients for giving us the great thrill of winning these awards and for speaking with us, candidly and openly, so we can be the best match-makers possible.

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