Optimism helps win the 2011 The Bagg Group-sponsored HRPA Scholarship


It’s a joy to sponsor an HRPA scholarship.  It is one of the ways The Bagg Group supports the next generation of HR specialists who will creatively solve problems and make the workplace a better, safer, place for everyone.

But it’s always difficult to choose one scholarship winner among the deserving applicants.  Almost all those who pour their hearts into essays that demonstrate their commitment to the field of human resources are inspiring, and have a record of achievement worthy of our support.

So what made us choose Erin Abraham to be the recipient of the 2011 HRPA Scholarship Award, sponsored by The Bagg Group?  Erin represents qualities of determination and optimism which we know have a positive ripple-out effect in the workplace.

Erin is specializing in human resources as part of her Bachelor of Applied Business at Humber College, in Toronto.  An active volunteer, she defines volunteerism as a chance for continuous learning.  She shows enormous delight in helping students find jobs. 

For her part, as a native of Lancaster, Ontario, Erin had to travel about three hours every day for 14 weeks for her work placement.  

For Erin, the road to her degree has been challenging, financially and logistically. 

Yet in the interview, Erin spoke with much enthusiasm of what she aspires to offer an organization, and not about the toll it takes to get a degree when life isn’t making it easy. 

Erin exudes optimism. She talks possibilities, not problems.   Optimism is not about shrugging off tough realities; it’s about taking control of events instead of letting them control you.

In The Harvard Business Review online, writer Jeff Kehoe addresses what happens when we don’t have enough optimism.   He writes, “Businesses don’t get created….Talented people don’t get hired …Good ideas wither on the vine… .”

At The Bagg Group, we have been talking to HR specialists and candidates for 40-plus years.  We hear every day that people are motivated by those who work and lead with optimism. 

Erin is well on her way to leading with optimism.  All of us at The Bagg Group congratulate her and wish her a stellar future.

Do you have an employee who would qualify for The Bagg Group sponsored HRPA scholarship award?

A candidate must be enrolled in part-time or full-time studies in the HRPA’s required academic courses.  We have sponsored the scholarship since 1989 to assist students financially so they may successfully complete their human resources studies.   

It’s been our pleasure to have helped so many terrific people, like Erin, become valuable contributors to the field. We look forward to keeping up the tradition for a long time to come.

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