The Bagg Group Tips on How to Feel Energized when Job Hunting


When job-hunting, the little known secret is that on occasion not sitting at the computer and actively working on your search can be productive.

When the job-hunting blues hit, the experts at The Bagg Group say the best thing you can do is back away from your desk, and get involved in something that may have little to do with your professional life.

This summer, taking a little time out to help out –be it at a marathon, a community event, even a street party can go a long way to being a smart job-search move, albeit indirectly.  The topic of work is not likely to come up while coordinating marathon runners, but you can count on feeling recharged and expanding your network. 

That’s of tremendous benefit for anyone, in any situation.  Geoff Bagg, the CEO of The Bagg Group, can vouch for that.  He recently traded in his computer for a hardhat to spend a day working with Habitat for Humanity on a development in Toronto that will be home to six families in need.

Geoff described the experience as “invigorating” and added that a highlight was talking to a soon-to-be house owner about how much hope Habitat has brought to the lives of his wife and six children.   

Work is a financial necessity for the great majority of us, but it’s also more than that.  Among other things, it is a chance to connect with people and contribute to a team effort. 

It is frustrating that we are not able to control exactly when we will get a new job.  But we don’t have to wait until we have a job to connect with others, or contribute to a project of some kind.   

So – whether you are looking for full-time employment, contract work, or part-time placement, consider taking time this summer to do something strictly for the enjoyment of getting involved.

Getting involved in a project –whatever it is — this summer can give you the boost of energy and confidence you need to reinvigorate your spirit, and your search.  

The recruiters at The Bagg Group work with hiring managers at all the best companies in the GTA.  They know that a candidate who walks into an interview with energy and enthusiasm is going to be well received.

What’s more, when a contact or interviewer asks how you are, you can respond with “Great” and mention the project.  That’s an upbeat opener to any conversation that can make an impression.

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