The Bagg Group on How to Go for Gold During the Olympics


The London Olympics will be happening live during the workday due to the time difference between the GTA and the UK.   And there’s nothing like The Games to ignite spirit and lift morale in corridors everywhere.

In the United Kingdom, HR Magazine is advising employers to embrace the Olympics, instead of asking employees to hold back on their enthusiasm until after-hours. 

The magazine urges companies to set up ways to enable staff to watch the games live for two reasons:  “To boost goodwill and discourage sickies.” By sickies, writer Laura Evans means people who will call in sick simply so they can stay home and watch the Olympics.

At The Bagg Group, we know from 40-plus years of working with hiring managers and top talent, that allowing viewing of global events like the Olympics on company time can prompt employees to work in an exceptionally focused, efficient way.   People are energized and motivated to complete a priority task in time to catch a particular event.   

That’s good news to waylay fears that the Olympics can cause all business to come screeching to a halt.   Of course, it’s true that phones may stop ringing during a key event but that’s probably because customers are also watching. 

Much bonding happens as colleagues hold their breath in hopes that, for example, Canadian diver Alexandre Despatie wins a medal.  And the Games don’t just bring workmates together – they also give employees and customers something to talk about.

At The Bagg Group, we practice what we preach.   We foster a collaborative, uplifting environment –that’s why we wouldn’t think of letting a unifying event like The Olympics go unmarked.

Here are some gold-winning tips from The Bagg Group on how to make the most of the Olympics during the workday.

Send out an invite:  CEO Geoff Bagg invites staff to drop into the boardroom during their breaks to watch the Games on the large flatscreen TV, just as he did for the EuroCup.

The party is in the details:  At The Bagg Group, a big event spills over into the kitchen.  We stock up on soft drinks, juices, and snacks for employees to reinforce the sense of special occasion.  

Most importantly, this is an occasion to champion diversity:  Every workplace in the GTA is a blend of people from all heritages – and many will root for athletes from their country of origin.  This is a great opportunity to cut across cultural divides and show interest in each other’s favourite athletes.  

Everyone wants their team to bring home the gold, but in the workplace, it’s the fact that all the athletes are essentially striving to be the best they can be that has everyone cheering together.  The Olympics are the ultimate reminder that performing to your potential matters – whatever you do, wherever you are.

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