Geoff Bagg on the value of contracts and temp placements for job-hunters


On CTV New Express recently, Geoff Bagg, CEO of The Bagg Group, answered a question that is top of mind with many job-hunters in the GTA. Are contracts fast becoming the new full-time position?

The answer is no. The full-time position is far from being an endangered species. Still, Geoff Bagg noted that contract work, including temporary placements, is increasingly popular—with both employers and job-seekers in the GTA.

From a company’s perspective, in a tight economy, the contract and temporary worker help take care of important projects and tasks when there’s no budget to increase full-time staff.

The Bagg Group has placed almost 58,000 people in full-time work, contract positions, and temporary placements over 40-plus years. So Geoff Bagg knows better than anyone that each type of employment has its advantages for job-seekers.

The perks of a full-time position are obvious: A steady paycheck, the satisfaction of being part of a team, and the opportunity to advance within the company.

But as Geoff told host Jacqueline Milczarek, contract and temporary work also has its rewards.

A contract position allows for greater flexibility and is terrific a way to get a foot in the door.  He added that at The Bagg Group, many who took a contract or temporary placement were hired full-time when a position came up.

What’s more, there’s the satisfaction that can come from working on a project, lots of new experiences, and a way to make contracts.

Plus, there’s an additional benefit. Contract and temporary work prepare you for the realities of today’s employment market. Those who want repeat business are inspired to excel because they know that’s how they’ll be invited back or referred on.

Geoff Bagg stressed the point that once upon a time, people counted on an organization to give them job security for life. But nowadays, you are own best job security,” says Geoff.  Your ability to make a living depends on what you can offer, not on a company signing you up for life.

Regardless of whether you are working full-time, part-time or on contract, people must stay competitive. Contracts force people to think the way that today’s employee has to think. They have to stay on-top-of their skills and show they’re an asset to an employer. Plus, they have to have the right attitude.

“A contract or temporary placement can be a smart strategy for today’s job-hunter,” advised Geoff.  Thinking how best to meet the needs of the marketplace is the attitude that makes you a great job candidate, and a great employee.

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