Introducing Bagg Professional: The New Standard in Recruitment for a New Era


With workforces facing tighter staffing budgets, resulting in a skyrocketing demand for contract and temporary workers, recruitment companies have to re-think the scope of their services. Enter Bagg Professional, the first in a new era in recruitment with a service specifically designed to meet these changing trends in hiring.

Launched today, Bagg Professional offers an innovative, holistic, approach to recruiting by providing temporary specialists-on-demand and hard-to-find high-achievers to maximize every staffing dollar.

“There’s no turning back time to pre-2008,” says Jackie Chua, head of Bagg Professional.  “The new business reality is lean and focused.  Canadian companies today are looking for experienced, hit-the-ground running professionals who can jump in and fill multiple short-term roles as needed to suit limited staffing budgets.  Similarly, full-time candidates need to show more flexibility and initiative than ever before.”

Bagg Professional answers today’s realities with an exacting recruitment process that matches candidates with the company’s overarching needs and culture.

“We don’t just think about how to fill an empty chair, we think about how that particular chair fits into the bigger picture.  That’s the starting point for our match-making, whether it’s for a full-time, contract or temporary placement,” explains Ms. Chua.

Bagg Professional takes the unprecedented step of quarterbacking all full-time, contract and temporary placements within a company for across-the-board consistency.  For this new approach, which requires close relationships with both clients and candidates, Bagg Professional has implemented a low client to recruiter ratio.

“We’re all about quality over quantity,” says Ms. Chua. “It’s not about numbers at Bagg Professional.  We’re operating in a new era where the emphasis must be on maximizing the impact one person can make on a company—and that applies to us as recruiters, as well as to our candidates.”

Bagg Professional falls under the auspices of multiple-award winning The Bagg Group, a recognized leader in recruitment for 40+plus years, having placed almost 60,000 people in  full-time, contract and temporary positions over its history.

Bagg Group CEO, Geoff Bagg, notes, “We’ve maintained our leadership position by continually evolving to stay in sync with trends fuelled by changes in the economy.  Bagg Professional is one more example of how success doesn’t happen by looking at what was, but by looking differently at what is.”

Jackie Chua has been General Manager of The Bagg Group since 2000.  Currently The Bagg Group operates Bagg Professional, Bagg Technology Resources, Turn Key Staffing and Bagg Managed Resources.

Bagg Professional

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