Fight Summer Slump with 3 Top Tips from Bagg Group Recruiters


Looking for a job takes perseverance at any time of year, but we know that it becomes that much harder to stick to the goal in the hot, hazy days of summer when we’d all rather be canoeing.

As we have said countless times in this blog, looking for a job is a job.  And the expert recruiters at The Bagg Group know that just about everyone who works has to fight against the summer slump in productivity.

Whether you are looking for permanent job, contract work or a temporary placement, here are some tips to help you keep to the task when the heat starts to melt your motivation.

Shake up your routine:  Don’t fight the fact that it’s summer and that you yearn to get outside and make the most of it.   If you have a laptop or tablet, do your research while sitting outside at a café that has wifi, or write your first draft of your covering letter on a terrace.  There’s no rule against enjoying the day and getting work done at the same time.

Set your minimum for the day:  Ask yourself, “What’s the one thing I’d feel good about accomplishing today? “  It may be to write a covering letter, or identify five places to submit a resume, or to make a few calls.   Whatever it is, you will stick to your goal if it’s doable within a reasonable amount of time.  If your list is too long, the temptation to put work on hold can be overwhelming in the summer heat.  Accomplishing one or two expectations a day is sure way to keep your momentum going, and means you can enjoy your time-off, guilt free.

Work to the schedule that’s right for you:  Research shows we all have our own internal clock with peak times when we’re more productive, creative and focused.  An effective strategy for sustaining work when you’d rather be vacationing is to work your best hours, not long hours.  One of the few perks when in-between jobs is that you can at least set your own timetable –so take advantage while you can.

At The Bagg Group, we know that business doesn’t take a holiday. Our clients, the top companies in the GTA, have permanent, contract and temporary staffing needs in the summer, as much as any time of year.

As well, during the peak vacation time of July and August, as many one in five employees can be on vacation at any time, increasing the need for temporary help.

With this in mind, we urge our candidates to keep to their job-seeking action plan. But by all means, work flex summer hours, and when your task is done, enjoy the rays.  Feeling content is important as you interview better when you’re in good spirits.

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