Want to know which employees are trending? You may be surprised


Want to know what’s trending in the labour force, and has been for about six years or so? If you’re in a workplace now, look to your left and look to your right.  Chances are someone in your line of vision is an “it” employee –the one hiring managers are talking about.

But don’t wait too long to look.  That person may not be there tomorrow.  The hottest trend in the labour force is contingent workers – also known as temporary placements and contract workers.

The recession of 2008 left employers with smaller budgets to add full-time staff.  As a result, hiring managers began to pay a great deal more attention, and respect, to contingent workers.

The people they once considered to be “band-aid” solutions are now the talk of the boardroom.  Contingent workers are no longer seen as a “quick fix” solution but instead are recognized as valuable contributors, on a per-need basis.

In this day and age, needs for different types of talent change on a dime. Employing temporary and contract workers has become the popular way for employers to meet their up-to-the minute needs in terms of skills. As well, this type of worker provides important backup when staff is stretched too thin so productivity doesn’t suffer.

Today, about 30% of the labour force consists of temporary and contract workers, and that number is expected to increase.

Still, despite reams of research that detail the value of temporary and contract work for both employers and employees, some old myths about “temping” remain.

At the Bagg Group family, we’ve been doing our part to set the record straight for years.  All told, we’ve placed about 60,000 temporary, contract, and full-time workers successfully in our 40-plus year history.  As experts, we’re able to definitively debunk the following misconceptions:

Temping is a “female” occupation:  The stats tell it like it is.  Contract and temporary workers are almost equally men and women.

Contract and temp work is only for newbies:  In fact, across North America the average age is over 30.

Anyone can do it:  Wrong, it takes a high-achieving agile worker to succeed!

Our perspective at The Bagg Group family is that while a project may be short, memories are long.

That’s why at Bagg Professional, Bagg Managed Resources and Bagg @ Your Service we match-make just as vigorously for a short-term relationship as we would for a long-term one.  We make sure of a good fit in terms of skills, experience, and attitude –just as we do for full-time positions.

A temp/contract employee only takes the gig because they can’t get full-time work:  It can be a great choice while looking for a full-time position, and for many it’s the preferred choice.

Contract and temporary employees recognize the benefits of short-term assignments.  These include flexibility, opportunities to increase skills and take on challenges in different environments, and the chance to increase business contacts.

No one respects the contract /temp worker:  Oh yes they do!

Times have changed and employers recognize that leaders in recruitment like The Bagg Group family anticipate need by sourcing a unique pool of contingent workers who have up-to-date skills, new ideas, different experiences and great energy to share.

Temp/contract workers aren’t accountable:  This is one of our favourite myths in which to punch holes.  Contingent workers actually work for us.

Bagg Professional, Bagg Managed Resources and Bagg @ Your Service hire temporary and contract workers on behalf of clients, and we’re experts at making sure the best deliver their best.  We accept nothing less.

No one really cares about the temp/contract worker:  We do, and they work for us.

As we’re the employers of temporary and contract workers, our clients are spared the administrative burdens and costs related to hiring staff.  But as employers, we insist that our employees are dealt with fairly and respectfully.  We uphold the highest employment standards—we have a 40-year plus reputation riding on this.

Finally, want to know if temporary or contract work is for you?  Ask yourself these 5 questions:


  1. Are your skills up-to-date?   We need people who are excellent at their work as there is little time for training.
  2. Are you a good listener and will you ask questions to clarify?  You need to jump in to the task – that means you must listen well to understand needs and instructions, and be comfortable asking questions for clarification when you’re not sure.
  3. Are you a collaborator?  You need to build relationships and quickly secure the trust of your team.
  4. Do you like change?  This kind of work affords you lots of opportunities.  True, some projects will be more stimulating than others, but each one offers the chance to learn, to add something new to your resume, and to build your network.
  5. Are you ready to own the fact that you work to a different drum?  Although you don’t have a full-time job, you are nonetheless applying skills to meet a need in the workplace.  It takes a sense of adventure, initiative, and confidence to walk into new environments and get a job done efficiently and effectively.  If this is what you like to do, own your choice with pride.  After all, you are trending!

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