Amazing job, crummy pay: Job Description for a Job-Hunter


A job seeker by any other name is a CEO.  Really?

Yes, really!  Take a look below at what a job description for a job hunter would look like.  You’ll be surprised.

Looking for a job is just like running your own company.  Let’s call this company Company You.  And what does it sell?   Your skills, your service, your brand.  You need the same kinds of skills –and leadership qualities–for Company You that all CEOs who run their own companies need.

At The Bagg Group, we have enormous respect for job-hunters.  We know it’s challenging work.  You have to sell yourself, network, keep going when you don’t get the response you hoped for  (and rejection happens to everyone), network, stay positive –the list goes on.

It’s not easy, but you learn a lot along the way.

We know  — we’ve  successfully placed about 60,000 people in our 40+year history in full-time positions, temporary placements, and contract work so we spend a lot of time talking people seeking new opportunities.

Now, we’re asking everyone who has experience in looking for work to pass on a little advice and inspiration to others by answering The Bagg Group Question of the Week on our Facebook page.  After all, everyone goes through the challenging task of looking for a job at some point of their lives  –and could use a bit of encouragement.  Share a tip and be entered into a draw for a great prize.  Check out our blog: Share a Tip for details.

And now… from the experts at The Bagg Group, here’s what a posting for the position of a job-hunter would look like.

The job description of a job hunter:

Seeking Job Hunter to Drive Company You

Looking for a talented individual who can find a new market(s) for skills/ services offered by Company You.

Must be able to accomplish the following:

  • Set short and long-term goals for Company You.
  • Identify all opportunities for Company You.
  • Develop targeted marketing materials for Company You.
    • All emails, covering letters, and resumes need to be customized for  specific audiences.
  • Find and keep up networks for Company You to increase leads for business.
  • Set up interviews with organizations and show how Company You is the best choice to help meet their goals.
  • Hold performance reviews with You to determine what to improve on, and how.
  • Act as ambassador for Company You at all times – even in backyard bbqs with neighbours.
  • Show strong leadership to motivate You to stay determined, confident, optimistic and productive – in times when there is little return on effort.
  • Implement a learning program for You to make sure knowledge and skills are up-to-date.
  • Look for volunteer opportunities to help community and keep up skills and/or morale of Company You.
  • Figure out a budget for times of zero business growth.
  • Show flexibility in the marketplace – be creative, think about different options, including hiring YOU out for contracts and temporary opps.
  • Implement work/life balance program to ensure You stay in good spirits and good shape.

When you look at it this way, you see that the job of looking for a job is not just challenging, it’s interesting –in how it requires you do to all kinds of things, you have to problem-solve, be creative, step into the spotlight (and often step out of your comfort zone).  It’s just too bad that you have to wait until you find work to get paid for all you are doing!.

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