Job-hunters: Share a tip and be entered into our draw


At The Bagg Group, we see it this way — when you’re looking for work, you’re like the CEO of Company You.

Company U?  Sure, like a company, you have something to sell.  In this case, it’s your skills and services.

As the CEO of Company You,  you do what all CEOs who run their own businesses do:

  • You look for opportunities   (also known as jobs)
  • You promote your services (your skills, experience)
  • You convince the people you meet with that you are the best one to help them meet their goals.  (You are the right fit )

Being a CEO of Company You is challenging, but interesting.

If you aren’t sure about that, take a look at The Bagg Group Job Description for a Job-Hunter. You’ll be amazed at the skills you’re using to find a job!

We know when you’re looking for a job, you learn a lot – you step out of your comfort zone.  You have to promote yourself, meet new people, go after new opportunities.  And then when you get work, you’re the new kid on the block who has to prove yourself.

At The Bagg Group, we know how much wisdom and tips you pick up along the way.  And what you learn can really  help others who are also looking for a job.

That’s why we’re asking you to answer  The Bagg Group (TBG) Question of the Week  on FaceBook.

The TBG Question of the Week is asking you for a little inspiration, a bit of guidance, a tip you’d share with a friend or family member who is looking for a job and could use a little encouragement.

How to answer TBG Weekly Question on Facebook

There are three ways you can answer:

Write a post.  Or send us your answer through a private message on our Facebook page.  Or email us

When you answer your name will be entered into a random draw for a prize that’s really all about you!

Win a one-on-one branding session with a leading career expert – an opportunity that can make a  difference to your career success!!!

Career expert Gene Hayden is the author of the international best-seller The Follow-Through Factor: Getting from Doubt to Done.

Gene will work with you to show you how to you can best reach your goals.  She’s the go-to person who will teach you how to impress –to either get a job or get ahead in your job.

Deadline for Draw:  August 11.

We can’t wait to hear from you

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