A note about Thanksgiving for job-hunters


Going into a thanksgiving weekend, you may feel like taking a pass on turkey this year if you haven’t yet found a work opportunity that you are thankful for.

But don’t.

For one thing, catching up with family or friends gives you a chance to tell people who have your back about what you’re looking for.

Damian Zikalis of the University of Michigan business school urges job candidates to network around the dinner table. “It’s like the Wizard of Oz,” he says. “Look in your own backyard. There’s no place like home.”

Another reason to celebrate the holiday is that while it’s not easy to be in-between jobs, it is a chance to think about new possibilities for your life.

According to a recent study from Germany, people who are happy at work are healthier. And the reverse is equally true. Being unhappy at work takes a toll on your health  — and on the wellbeing of others around you.

That’s why at The Bagg Group we are particularly proud of our record of placing happy people in about 60,000 full-time, contract and temporary positions over our 40-plus year history.   We use the word happy deliberately.  Because we know that when people are engaged by their work and feel good about what they do, they are inspired, motivated, energized.

And they have a positive ripple effect on their world.  People who are in a happy work situation bring their positivity home. This makes for happier families and happier communities.

So if you don’t have a job –yet –give thanks that you are not deeply miserable in a job you dislike.  Instead, you have the chance to…

  • find something that is right for you, make new connections,
  • to try different things as you job-hunt, such as contract or temporary work to provide some income,
  • meet some people, and get a foot in the door.
  • Any downtime is also the right time to upgrade  your skills and volunteer.

And if a job you were hoping for didn’t come through, there’s still reason to eat pumpkin pie and feel grateful.

The Bagg Group runs five different divisions.  Bagg Professional, Bagg Technology Resources, Bagg @ Your Services, Bagg Managed Resources and Turn Key Staffing Solutions. Among all five, we refer candidates for jobs in almost every sector, and we place people in every job level.  

So we’ve seen it all in our decades as successful recruiters. And that’s why we know what we’re talking about when we say, if you don’t get the job, it wasn’t meant to be. 

That’s not trite, that’s true.

You may have interviewed for the job and assumed it would be great for you. But you can’t know the company culture, or the team, as intimately as the hiring managers who are on the inside.

If you weren’t selected, it may well be because you were simply not going to be able to thrive in that job. It might not have been the ideal environment for you. When it’s right, things falls into place.

This Thanksgiving, the advice from our expert recruiters at The Bagg Group is to be sure to allow yourself to enjoy the holidays.  If it helps, think of it as an important strategy for your job search. Why? Because when you appreciate everything that you have to be grateful for, your spirits lift.  And happier people have a much greater success when they network and when they interview.

So make a point to stop and taste the pie.  As Willie Nelson said, “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”











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