Take The 2015 Bagg Group Follow-Through Factor Challenge


A new year, a clean slate.   Maybe you didn’t do everything you had hoped to do last year, but January is about starting fresh.   So this January, reboot by taking The Bagg Group Follow-Through Factor Challenge to be sure to make a goal happen.

If you’re a job hunter, maybe you want to …

  • Get serious about networking.
  • Get proactive by connecting with companies you’d like to work for.
  • Upgrade a skill.
  • Organize your job-search file so it will be fast and easy for you to find and customize your cover letter and resume for each type of job you’re applying for.
  • Continually update your online profile.
  • Meditate (or do the equivalent of) for stress release.
  • Stay optimistic and energized.
  • Learn to make a violin.

Okay, we just threw in that last one in because it sounds awesome.

But as for the other goals, they’re all valuable, and do-able. And the most popular new year’s resolutions for anyone looking for a job nowadays.

Too bad only 12% of people who make resolutions will actually stick to them.

The question is why do so many people drop the ball?

According to Gene Hayden, author of The Follow-Through Factor: Getting from Doubt to Done (Random House) and career coach with The Bagg Group, there are no less than 15 reasons why people don’t follow-through –on whatever ambition they have.

Here are just four of those reasons that you may recognize.

  1. We get bored with our resolutions. Take job-hunting –it requires tedious, repetitive grunt work. Looking at job postings and sending out resumes is not really all that gripping. And ever since we were kids, we’ve done everything possible to avoid boredom.
  2. We become impatient. We’re programmed for instant gratification nowadays. A job-hunt doesn’t typically yield quick results so naturally we turn to activities that we know will reward us — such as chatting online.
  3. Sometimes we don’t know how to proceed. Networking is a great example. It’s a worthy goal, but if you’re not quite sure how to go about it, it’s a resolution that never gets put into action.
  4. We don’t believe in ourselves.   It takes confidence to put yourself out there. If you don’t feel confident, it’s easier to stay in your comfort zone and talk about what you’d like to do, rather than to do it.

But the good thing about obstacles is they’re not deal-breakers. Instead, they’re problems to be solved. And at The Bagg Group, we’re solution-oriented.

Bagg Professional, Bagg Technology Resources (BTR), Bagg @ Your Service, Bagg Managed Resources, and Turn Key Staffing are all about helping people and companies move forward. We’ve helped about 60,000 people so far in our 40-plus year history, so we really are the go-to experts are this.

With that in mind, we’re dedicating blogs and Facebook for the next three months to helping you get the Follow-Through Factor, so you can get from doubt to done on your resolutions.

Think we’ll be suggesting standard list-making and time-management practices?  Think again.


Gene Hayden’s techniques are unique, tried-tested-and-proven true over 15 years of working with people to get where they want to go. Her book The Follow-Through Factor is popular worldwide because Gene shows how to approach your ambitions in an entirely different way. And that makes all the difference.

So join us in the step-by-step Challenge.   We suggest you dedicate a word document or notebook for this Challenge. We also invite you to post your thoughts and goals on our Facebook page, or send Gene a private message through Facebook.

Ready? Here’s the first activity of The Bagg Group Follow-Through Factor Challenge.


Decide on one resolution. Just one.  Sounds easy –but you may be juggling ambitions right now, trying to decide which one to pick. You no sooner settle on one, then another may pop up in your mind.

No worries.   Just pick one, any one, it really doesn’t matter. When you follow-through on one goal, you always follow-through on another. It’s like riding a bike, you only need to learn once.

There is one condition: The goal you choose for this Challenge must be entirely within your control to achieve.  For example, getting hired depends on someone else selecting you. Getting your resume out to a maximum number of places depends entirely on you.

When you have your goal, answer these two questions: 

  • When you acheive your goal, what will you to say to yourself and to someone close to you? (Your kid, spouse, friend, parent, etc.
  • If you don’t achieve this goal, what will you say to yourself – and what will you say to someone close to you?

That’s your homework for now. See you at the next Challenge.


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