The Job-Hunter’s Guide to BBQ Season


Heard this before? “You want cheese on that burger, and hey, how’s the job hunt going?”

In BBQ season, hamburgers aren’t the only things being grilled. Job-hunters get grilled too by well-meaning friends, family, neighbours.

At The Bagg Group, we get you. We’ve earned many awards thanks to candidates who give us top scores for listening and understanding, as well as for our great placements.

All to say, we understand that looking for new opportunities is like a full-time job, and there are times when you need a break and just want to talk about those Jays.

Candidates have asked us, what do I say about my job search when I really don’t people-at-backyard-barbecuwant to say anything?   Here’s what we tell them: 

These are our 3 best practices, used successfully by those who have been where you are today.

Tell a story:  Great stories happen to those who can tell them,” Ira Glass, host of This American Life

 Think about your job search as a journey, and tell that story. No need to talk about the outcome.

Instead, recount any interesting or funny anecdotes, or insights, on your journey to find new opportunities.

Everyone loves a good story. If you have had strange interviews, seen some surprising job postings, met some interesting people … it’s all great material.

Why this works: If you want to enjoy yourself, answer a question about your job search with a story that will engage someone, or make them smile or feel hopeful. We are the stories we tell.

According to Hopi wisdom, “Those who tell the stories rule the world.” So you can be sure that, “Those who tell the stories rule the BBQ.”

Be wise:

You might answer a question about your job search by saying something like, “Looking for work has its rewards. I’ve been learning a lot about the industry, what I can do, and how to roll with change. How is your work going?

Why this works: You’re conveying growth and positivity, and turning the tables quickly.


I’m looking into all kind of interesting possibilities. Did you know George Clooney used to be an insurance salesman? And Angelina Jolie applied to be a funeral director?  It’s funny how career paths twist and turn. So what about those Jays?

Why this works: You are conveying active optimism, and sharing some tidbits as a way to redirect the conversation.

Recruiters at Bagg Professional, Bagg Technology Resources, Bagg @ Your Service, Bagg Managed Resources and Turn Key Staffing wish you a great summer that blends productivity with relaxation. After all, sometimes the best way to tackle a problem is to take a break from it.

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