What photography can teach job-hunters


Imagine if you could script a hiring manager’s impression of you. Impossible? Maybe not.

Recruiters at The Bagg Group came across a fun experiment that illustrates we all have the power to influence how people see us.

Canon Australia invited six photographers to shoot a picture of a person to capture his essential character. The subject was a 40-something man, dressed casually in jeans and blue dress shirt.

Each photographer was told a very different story about the subject.  He was introduced to one photographer as a psychic, and to another as a self-made millionaire. One photographer was told that he was an ex-convict. He was introduced to the others as a commercial fisherman, a recovering alcoholic and a hero who had saved someone’s life.

And the result? Take a look for yourself. It’s eye-opening how the the photographers took radically different pictures of the same man depending on the story they had been told.

Canon said this experiment proves a picture is determined more by the person behind the camera than the person in front of the lens.

At The Bagg Group, we see the experiment as confirming something far more useful for job-hunters.

The stories you share about yourself affect how hiring managers see you – literally.

That’s the fact that has helped thousands of our candidates land full-time, contract and temporary positions with the best companies in the GTA

Tell people that you enjoy problem-solving, (and back it up with an example), and they’ll see you as a problem-solver.

We tell people how to see us

Talk about your initiatives and determination to meet goals and … snap – you’re pictured as a high-achiever

Talk about how you overcame a challenge and … snap – you’re pictured as someone who is gets over hurdles.effects-of-taking-pictures

Talk about conflicts with former colleagues or bosses and … snap – you’re pictured as person who has conflicts.

It’s just that simple.

The words we use about ourselves affect other people’s perceptions of us.

Behaviourists have all kinds of studies to make the point.

Here’s an example: If you are told someone is lazy, when you see that person slouched at a desk, you’ll likely automatically see them idle and sluggish. In fact, they may just have bad posture.  If you’re told someone is really dynamic, you’ll see them as bursting with energy, even though all they might be doing is sitting around the boardroom table, fiddling with a pen.

At Bagg Professional, Bagg Technology Resources, Bagg @ Your Service, Bagg Managed Resources and Turn Key Staffing Solutions, we are adept at listening to candidates so we can fit the right person into the right position for them.

We ask lots of questions to make sure we get it right. But hiring managers, bosses, colleagues are not expert recruiters with the skills set we have.

So consider the impression you want to make, and see the hiring manager as a photographer in the Canon experiment who will see you as you portray yourself.


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