Bad interview? Not as bad as these


New year, new clean slate.   At The Bagg Group, we’ve got a theory about January, developed over our long history of helping people meet their career goals.  We believe that how you approach the new year sets the stage for what will come to pass over the months ahead.

In our experience, those who welcome the year ahead with curiosity and optimism can count on having interesting, uplifting things happen.

So to get your year off on the right foot, try these 3 tried-and-true tips from The Bagg Group recruiters.

  1. Laugh.  We’re not suggesting you laugh hysterically during an interview!  But read, watch, talk about things about that give you reason to smile every day.  A couple of minutes can make all the difference. When you laugh you release endorphins that are good for the body, make you feel more relaxed and decrease your anxiety, according to the Mayo Clinic.   (As if we needed studies to tell us that!)
  2. Don’t beat yourself up.   Maybe you didn’t reach all your goals last year. Maybe you blew an interview. You’re not alone.   The Bagg Group recruiters have successfully place thousands of high-achievers at the best companies in the GTA, but we haven’t met a single one yet that hasn’t told us about a few missteps somewhere along the way. As recruiters, we can assure you that what matters is how you move forward from here on. Still, we all tend to look back so when you do, be sure to …
  3. Look back with kindness. At The Bagg Group, we champion the value of empathy for candidates, clients, and ourselves.  We spend a lot of our time really listening to candidates and clients.  We can confirm that the best, most impressive, backstories are the ones people tell with wisdom and gentleness about the lessons they’ve learned  (sometimes the hard way), rather than ones which are just tales of frustration, regret and anger.

For a guaranteed laugh and to prove that life goes on after blunders, take a look at this mash-up of some of the worst interviews ever from film and TV.

And we couldn’t resist, here’s the hysterical response to the full answer to that odd, but real, interview question, “What would you do if you were the size of aInternship interview nickel and stuck in a blender?” (From The Internship)

From all of us at Bagg Professional, Bagg Technology Resources (BTR), Bagg @ Your Service, Bagg Managed Resources (BMR) and Turn Key Staffing Solutions, all the best for a healthy and happy 2016. May you share laughs and optimism with your family, friends, colleagues and …your recruiters.


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