Want to get ahead? Listen to your waiter


Next time you go to an event, look around at those working it.  Whether they’re front or back of the house, or brand ambassadors — they’re on the front lines, helping shape your experience, from the time you arrive to the time you leave.  When they do their job well, your memories of the occasion are better.  Should they mess up, you’ll remember.

Those who work in hospitality know this.  Ask them what it takes to put customers in a good frame of mind, and they’ll serve up a brand of wisdom that works for anyone, in any job. After all, everyone in the workplace has customers of some kind — they may be clients, another department, bosses — call them what you will, ultimately they are your customers.   So with that in mind …

Bagg @ Your Service dishes up the top 5 insider secrets of its highly prized hospitality staff                                                                            waiter

Little things matter: There are times when you have to sweat the small stuff.  High-acheivers are onside with Walt Disney, who created the ultimate customer experience with his theme parks, and said, “It’s the details that are vital. Little things make the big things happen.”

Forget the mustard, or present things sloppily, hold back a smile, don’t go the extra mile, and customers don’t feel valued. You’ve lost their trust and their business. It can happen just that fast, over just a little thing.

Pivot, quickly: Stuff happens, plates get dropped, orders get backlogged, plans hit a glitch.

Those who succeed in hospitality know you can’t stand on the spot or worse, look around for someone to blame. Instead, you’ve got to move fast, think on your feet, find a solution to save the experience.

Know your audience: The ‘gurus’ of service read the signs and mood of the room, and act accordingly.

Whether customers are in a rush or a boss is racing against a deadline, people need acknowledgement of their priorities before they can settle down. At the same time, if a group is mellow or in deep discussion, you don’t want to be circling them like the Energizer Bunny on steroids.

There are no small parts, only small actors: This quote is by the legendary acting coach Stanislavski, and those in hospitality take it to heart because every event is a performance.

Every role has purpose and makes a difference to the overall customer experience. Those who approach their work with that mindset are the performance stars.

Show up! In hospitality you have to be present to do your job well –there’s no calling it in.

Those who focus on what they’re doing in the here-and-now are in the zone, and that’s where job satisfaction lives.

If you’re in hospitality or really want to be, and these secrets resonate with you, show up at:

Bagg @ Your Service Hospitality and Event Staff Open House.

We’re looking for those who can create great experiences

  • FOH (Servers, Bartenders, Managers)
  • BOH (Chefs, cooks, dishwashers)
  • Promotional/ Brand ambassadors

This is a great opportunity to earn extra income on a temporary basis — and some opportunities could turn into full-time!

The Open House runs weekdays until end of April, 10 am to 3 pm, at 372 Bay Street, Suite 2100.

If you can’t make it, send your resume to ZSTresume@bagg.com


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