Need to win someone over? Listen to your voice



How you sound is how you feel, according to a new study that is being hailed as a breakthrough. You may ask, what’s all the fuss is about?  It seems a no-brainer to deduce that if you’re screaming in anger, you may be feeling… ? Let’s take a wild guess and go with angry.

However, there’s more to this than meets the ear. The international study finds that we actually tune in to our own voices for indications on our emotional state.

Change our voice, and we change our mood.  And that’s what has the world talking, (hopefully in a happy way).

The researchers tested their theory by recording the voices of participants as they read a text about bread. Later, without the participants’ knowledge, they digitally modified the voice of each person to make it sound more happy, sad, or fearful.

When the participants listened to the recording, they instantly adopted the emotions which they detected in their own voice.

The finding: It’ not just what you’re saying, but how you say it that can change your mood. voice-readings-on-facebook-300x200

Once upon a time, it was thought that feelings come before the physical expression of those feelings. But science has since proved that it can work both ways.

If you feel down and you smile, your brain will get the message and your spirits will lift.

If you adopt a hunch, and look down, you will feel less powerful. If you stand tall, chin up, you’ll feel more confident.

Now it’s proven —  the voice can also lead the mind. And that’s important news, professionally speaking. 

This finding can make a major difference not just personally, but also professionally.

Your voice can be an enormously influencing factor when you cold call, either to sell yourself or your company, or when you have to recount a difficult situation, such as a job loss or a conflict with a client, customer, or colleague.

If you talk with fear or anger, you will feel fearful and angry. Not only is that not helpful for you, but it’s damaging to you in the workplace –people can pick up on your negativity and it will work against you.

Having placed more than 60,000 people successfully in full-time, contract and temporary placements over our 45 years, all of us at Bagg Pro, Bagg Technology Resources, Bagg @ Your Service, Bagg Managed Resources and Turn Key Staffing confirm that negativity will never get you the job, or the sale.  It’s not an emotional state to trade on.

If you speak about the situation with a deliberately positive tone, you’ll put yourself in a good emotional state.   This will guarantee a far better interchange with your listener.

The voice is really a megaphone for what you are feeling.

Dr. Petter Johansson, a researcher at Sweden’s Lund University and one of the study’s authors, explained the pitch, volume, vibrato and speed of our voice contains a lot of emotional information. And we, as well as our listeners, are influenced by the emotions we hear.

Want to confirm it for yourself?

You can try the experiment using DAVID.  This is a free, real-time voice transformation tool able to “colour” any voice recording with an emotion that wasn’t intended by its speaker. It can make you sound happy, sad, fearful in real-time.    It’s like “an auto-tune, but for emotions,” says Brian Resnick, of




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