Unusual Businesses Born of Flights of Fancy


Long weekends are made for flights of fancy. And that can be a very good career move.

Letting your imagination wander is scientifically proven to boost innovative thinking.  And that’s especially true for those who want to make changes to their work life.

A daydream is often triggered by the question, “What if?”

At The Bagg Group, we specialize in placing high-achievers in just about every sector through our five divisions – Bagg Pro, Bagg Technology Resources, Bagg @ Your Service, Bagg Managed Resources and Turn Key Staffing.  

Many whom we’ve placed successfully in full-time, contract and temp positions contacted us after asking themselves, ‘What if?’

What if I developed a new skill, took a different approach, updated my resume, etc.

And sometimes imagining ‘What if?” results in some extraordinarily unique businesses – not to mention unusual jobs.

Check out this sample list.

Rent-a-Mourner:  This company in Britain says it supplies professional, discreet people to boost attendance at funerals and wakes.   As Canada’s leading recruiters, The Bagg Group has long advocated that temporary work exposes you to all kinds of opportunities. Although this is one that surprised even us!!

Cuddle Parties:  All recruiters at our five divisions confirm the value of networking.  But this company offers a twist on networking that was news to us. Now in its 13th year, Cuddle Parties is the brainchild of two relationship coaches who train people to host structured social networking events, where the dress code is pjamas and people talk and exchange hugs.

Throx: After losing one too many socks to the black hole in his dryer, Edwin Heaven of San Francisco asked ‘what if?’ pairs of socks were sold with a spare. Selling three socks for the price of two won him a Reader’s Digest Magazine Best Innovation Award and Throx has since made it on all major US morning shows.  Anything that saves you time when getting dressed so you don’t arrive late to interviews gets a thumbs up from us.

Fantasy Dating: What if …you borrowed concepts from fantasy football for men and adapted them for a business for women who’d like dating to be more fun and encouraging. That’s what the founders of Fantasy Dating did.   Leagues of daters earn points by playing the dating game – so doing things like flirting, getting a phone number, going on a date.  At The Bagg Group, we are always interested in best practices for motivating people — hey, how about, setting up a fantasy career search, with points for updating cover letters and skills.

 Around the world, everyone’s daydreaming new business

If you want inspiration and proof that daydreams can be good for business, check out Springwise.com This site offers a free weekly newsletter of the editors’ favourite innovative entrepreneurial ideas and businesses.

And it’s always looking for innovation spotters.

As a final advice to all daydreamers with a view to advancing their careers, research innovations in your field, and listen to what your industry leaders have to say –and then let your imagination fly.

This image from UCLA magazine captures what that can look like!flights of fancy









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