5 great tips for restless job-hunters


Feeling restless? September has a way of making people feel that way. It comes from so many years of stepping into a new classroom around now. At this time of year, we instinctively feel that we need to get serious, get learning, and get new shoes.

The Bagg Group has placed more than 60,000 candidates successfully in full-time, contract and temporary placements over our 45-plus year history.   So we get it , whether we’re recruiters with Bagg Pro, Bagg Technology Resources, Bagg @ Your Service, Bagg Managed Resources, or Turn Key Staffing Solutions.

We know that typically high achievers are chomping at the bit to move forward when back-to-school hits.

Here are 5 truly great tips for turning that back-to-school feeling into fuel for your career

Prep your desk:  Throw out– or remove from sight — “stuff” you no longer need.  Performance psychologists confirm clearing out the old gives us a sense of purpose and motivation to change things up, and make new things happen.

Prepare a timetable: Some school practices still hold true, even all these years after our high school grad.

Schedule weekly or daily periods for career advancement activities. Write the times and days down on your calendar. If you can’t make the time for whatever reason, don’t ignore the commitment, but reschedule right then and there.

Give yourself assignments with a strict due date: You didn’t like it then, you probably won’t love it now. But homework … works.

The secret is to write out  your assignment in detail before you start to work on it. Make a mini step-by-step checklist.  For instance, if you want to change your LinkedIn profile, put down that you will review 5 -10 profiles of people in your field to see what they’re emphasizing.  Or if updating your resume, detail that you want to write 3-5 measurable achievements per job.

Bonus tip: At the Bagg Group, we believe in acknowledging and celebrating achievements, in whatever size and shape they come in. The way we see it, recognition is respect. Be sure to recognize yourself in words or actions for completing your assignment.  (And no claiming the dog deleted your homework!).    homework-dogs

Learn something new –school’s never really out.   Take it from us, while searching for new opportunities, it’s smart and strategic to add or upgrade a skill and/or discover new knowledge.

Learning increases confidence, creative thinking, shows initiative, and helps you interview better.

Bonus tip: Go to bagg.com/jobs.  Enter keywords, or just click on view all jobs. Then click on all positions of interest to see the responsibilities and skills in demand. This is a great way to identify what you can learn or upgrade do to give yourself a competitive edge.

All learning is good learning:   Google computer scientist Matt Cutts has figured out that you can learn anything, effectively, in short daily spurts, over a month–and you’ll get an amazing boost by doing just that.

Cutts makes a really compelling case to take his 30-day challenge and learn anything that interests you, for the joy of it. Whether you spend a little time every day for 30 days learning the ukele, learning to paint, to design, to learn a language, the effect is the same.  We urge all candidates to try this – it’s good for the mind and the spirit. And when you feel good, you interview that much better.

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