9 reasons why now is right time to learn new language

It’s cold out, and you didn’t get the promotion or the job.  So what better time than now to think South America, Paris, Beijing, Moscow, Berlin, Cairo, Tokyo. The possibilities are endless. Travel to any of these places, particularly the warmer ones, may sound so appealing right around now.  But for most of us, it’s just not… Read more »

A note about Thanksgiving for job-hunters

Going into a thanksgiving weekend, you may feel like taking a pass on turkey this year if you haven’t yet found a work opportunity that you are thankful for. But don’t. For one thing, catching up with family or friends gives you a chance to tell people who have your back about what you’re looking for. Damian Zikalis… Read more »

How to job-hunt when you’d rather be canoeing

Looking for a job is always a challenge, it’s especially tough to stay dedicated to your goal in the month of August when you feel as if everyone else is canoeing. At The Bagg Group, we know vacations matter.  It helps to take a break from work – never getting a break from routine can zap your… Read more »

What did you learn from your worst summer job?

Like most of us, Geoff Bagg, CEO of The Bagg Group, has survived his fair share of tough summer jobs. He remembers one in particular as the worst mostly because he thought it would be a dream job and it turned out to be a downright drag. As a student, Geoff couldn’t believe his luck… Read more »

Does age matter? Research may surprise you

Sometimes our youth can come back to bite us.  Baby boomers invented the catchphrase,  “Never trust anyone over 30” when they were young. Today, older job-hunters say they feel the sting of those words. Age discrimination is against the law.  Still, surveys show 50% of older job-seekers feel hiring managers are significantly biased in favour… Read more »

8 Things You Should Know When Hiring Temps

Nowadays, the number of companies hiring contract workers and temporary employees is skyrocketing. Geoff is featured once again on Biz TV’s Guru Gab segment this week unraveling misconceptions and providing helpful pointers for hiring temporary staff. Please take a moment to watch the segment right here and keep these tips in mind when hiring your… Read more »