Looking for a job is taking a toll on my mood. Does The Bagg Group have tips on how to not let it get me down?


At The Bagg Group, we remind candidates that looking for a job is a job.  And like any job, you can’t live, eat and breathe it 24-hours a day.  You need a break at the end of each day to recharge your batteries.

  • Put in some hours daily on writing covering letters, fixing up your resume, making calls, thinking about interview questions and answers. But when your tasks are complete, give yourself a mental holiday. Go biking, go for a walk, catch a movie, play with the kids, listen to your favourite music.
  • List all of the things you like to do, or you’d like to try, such as gardening, hiking, painting. Then see if you can find a group to join which does these activities. It’s energizing to be with people who share your interests.
  • Looking for a job can be a lonely business so spending time with others is more important than ever. It’s excellent to network to find full-time job opportunities, contract work or temporary work. But it’s also worthwhile to meet with people just for the joy of it. And to talk about something other than your job hunt.
  • Volunteer as much as possible. And don’t feel that every task you do as a volunteer has to develop a career skill. Helping out at a marathon or sorting food at the Food Bank is a chance to get involved, meet people and make a valuable contribution. And that makes you feel good, which is good for you.
  • Working on your personal interests as you job hunt is not a waste of time. It’s an excellent strategy for when seeking job opportunities. Employers at companies across the GTA confirm that depressed people do not interview well. Hiring authorities are like everyone else-they gravitate towards positive, upbeat people.
  • Above all, allow yourself to laugh every day. It’s long been established by medical researchers that laughter can lower the level of stress hormones and increase endorphin levels, the body’s natural feel good chemicals.

Attitude is important and right now, one of your jobs is to do what you can to maintain a positive one…and that’s a task you are meant to enjoy.

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