Results of The Bagg Group Survey: More Hires, Less Lay-Offs


As many of you know, The Bagg Group has been conducting a survey of 200 private and public sector organizations in the GTA.

Latest findings show  better times ahead.  There are more employers in the GTA  that plan to add staff, rather than reduce their numbers, in 2010.  

In particular, 22% of organizations with less than 100 employees said they anticipate adding staff, while 20% of those who have between 100 and 500 employees and 15 % of organizations over 500 staff reported plans to hire.

For the 15% that said there may be a reduction, the majority were employers of 100  to 500 people. 

And when it comes to hiring staff, we learned that even in this age of do-it-yourself everything, the majority of organizations recognize the value of leaving recruitment  to the staffing solution experts.

While 28% of respondents said they may attempt the task on their own by using job boards, the others gave three reasons  for turning to a staffing agency:  They said the don’t have the time, their staff are too busy, and they don’t have the necessary expertise to do the best possible recruitment.

Unanimously, they noted that a staffing search is more time-consuming than ever before as more people are looking.  The Globe and Mail reported this summer that 54% of Americans are hoping to leave their current position for better jobs.  And in the GTA, we are seeing similar wave of restlessness among the employed.  

As I noted in a blog this spring  (In a recession, employers abide by two golden rules), quantity just means more resources are necessary to sort through the mountain of resumes to find appropriate fits. 

Typically, only three out of 100 responses are potentially suitable for your job opportunity. At The Bagg Group, we meet face-to-face with every prospective candidate. And on average, we recommend less than 30% of all those we interview to our clients.

Hiring authorities in companies across the GTA seeking to fill full-time positions or contract positions know that it will take an enormous amount of their time just to get an initial list together.  And nowadays, in most organizations, people are stretched thin as it is.

With that in mind, companies are more keen than ever to retain A-level talent. And the way to make that happen in this economy is to allow your best employees to focus on their areas of expertise. 

At the Bagg Group, our staffing solution experts hear every day from A-level people who want to find another job because they are de-motivated by having to spend much of their day handling  junior-level tasks that do not require their skill set.  

Our survey showed  the two most popular solutions of top employers in the GTA is to determine priorities for each task, and to hire temporary and contract workers to help balance the workload for those who are doing the job of two.

In these busy times when there just aren’t enough hours in a day, when you help your staff succeed, you help yourself.

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