Bagg Group Recruiters Offer Tips for Recharging Your Batteries during a Job Search


At The Bagg Group, we know that seeking a full-time placement, contract work or temporary employment takes energy. 

Until you find the placement that’s right for you, it can sometimes feel as if you’re swimming against the tide.  Having placed people with top organizations in the GTA for decades, recruiters at The Bagg Group know that even the most positive candidates have to work to stay motivated during their job search at times.

If your get-up-and-go has gone, follow theses six tips to get your energy back.

Set small goals:  Lofty goals can leave you feeling disappointed, rather than energized.  Don’t put pressure on yourself to land a fantastic job within a short period of time.   Instead, write an specific, achievable, list of tasks for each day that are within your ability to accomplish.  

At day’s end, focus on the goals you’ve achieved, not those you have yet to reach:  When you complete a task, give yourself a high five.  It’s not arrogant or conceited to feel good about yourself, it’s a key strategy that is practiced by all successful job-seekers.  Celebrating small wins is a way to stay confident and positive — two qualities which are valued by hiring managers at organizations throughout the GTA.

Forget perfection, strive for progress:  If you didn’t catch a typo on a covering letter until it’s too late, if  you missed an opportunity, or messed up on an interview, immediately replace the words “if only”  with “next time”.  You can never go back in time but fortunately, you can always move forward, a little bit wiser.

Take a break:  When you truly feel your battery is on empty, take time out to do whatever it is you love to do to recharge.  

Work where other people are working:  If you have a laptop, consider working at a friend’s house  or office. If that’s not possible, head to a coffee shop with your phone and your computer. Simply being around others who are working can motivate you keep  focused on your tasks.  What’s more, looking for a job can be lonely business.  For the price of a coffee, you can feel less alone during the day. 

Choose a winning team:  Surround yourself with positive people who persevere with their own goals and remind you to persevere with yours.

Stay motivated and energetic, and you can be sure people will respond to your enthusiasm and be that much more interested in helping you meet your goals.

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