The Bagg Group Tips on How to Tell Stories to Attract Great Candidates


Want to increase your chance of getting top candidates interested in your organization? Tell them stories that capture the spirit of your company.

Facts, figures, and perks are important for candidates. But to truly hook people, you need to target their hearts, not just their heads.

And nothing makes a stronger impression on people than a story, as confirmed by Hollywood film-maker and entrepreneur Peter Gruber in his new hot selling book, Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story.

Gruber argues that a story is the most powerful tool you have to move someone to action. He says he uses story to increase sales, motivate employees, and convince A-level talent to join his company, which recently co-produced the movie Soul Surfer.

 But not all stories are created equal. Gruber says “purposeful” stories, told to illustrate a vision, dream or a cause, are the great influencers.

At The Bagg Group, our staffing solution experts have first-hand proof that story-telling works. 

Having successfully placed more than 57,000 people over 40 years at the best companies in the GTA, we’ve detected many patterns.  We’ve seen that candidates who come out of an interview repeating anecdotes that show why a company is special typically have a high interest in working for it. 

That’s why we tell clients that sharing a story during an interview isn’t a waste of time. To the contrary, it’s a short-cut to making a connection between your organization and a possible employee. 

Whether The Bagg Group refers a top candidate for a full-time position, contract work, or temporary placement, we know that person hopes to feel a bond with the company.  And the bond begins with, “Let me tell you a story.”

Story-telling in this age of tweets and powerpoints isn’t old-fashioned, insists Gruber. Instead, he calls it the ultimate in “state-of-the-heart” technology and says it has the power to join people and organizations together fast and effectively.

The Bagg Group staffing solution experts offer these tips on how to tell your story to candidates:

  • Prepare your story in advance.  What are the values, and culture, of your organization that you’d like the candidate to know? Think of an anecdote that shows these values and/or culture in action.
  • Share your own peak experience, a favourite moment or story, about your work. Collect some of these stories from colleagues as well.  These moments provide great material that people can relate to.
  • As you tell a story, ask questions to engage the candidate, and keep them as an active, rather than passive, listener. For example, ask “Do you remember when …?”  “Have you ever noticed that …?”
  • The best stories typically follow a narrative arc of a beginning, a struggle, and a resolution.  When telling a story about your company, include the challenge so the listener will appreciate how your company resolves problems.

Facts can speak to what you are, but it’s your story that can reveal who you are and that’s what truly enthuses the best talent in the GTA.

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