The Bagg Group advises candidates to do one thing differently


Doing one thing differently can sometimes change just about everything.

But if you are looking for work, and following the suggestions of this blog, including updating your skills and networking, you may ask yourself this:  What one thing is possibly left for me to do any differently?

If you can’t come up with an answer it’s time to stop thinking with your brain –and start thinking with your heart.

To do that, answer this question:  “What’s one thing that I’ve always thought I’d enjoy trying, but never have?” 

Your answer doesn’t have to relate to your job search.  For example, maybe you’ve always wanted to learn piano, or to start a blog about your experiments with vegetarian cooking.

So the one thing you could do differently?  From now on, you could make a little time to follow-through on a personal interest.

Figuring out how to play a scale, or writing about eggplant, is not going to get your phone ringing with job offers.  But surprisingly, pursuing a new activity for the fun of it could be what sets you apart from the competition  …  and lands you the job.

At The Bagg Group, we’ve placed almost 60,000 people successfully in full-time positions, contract work and part-time placement over the last 40 years.  In interviewing umpteen candidates, we can confirm the ones who make an impression with us — and with hiring managers at the best companies in the GTA– are those who are engaged in life.

People with interests are interesting people.

Of course, work skills and experience matter a lot.  But all things being equal, the candidate who shows initiative and joy in developing an interest and learning new things has a special quality that gets our attention.

Plus, consider this.  Employers strive to ensure good morale in the workplace.  There is a proven link between high morale and productivity.   At The Bagg Group, we consider looking for a job is a job in itself.  As with any job, you need to keep up your spirits –in this case, to conduct a productive job search.   And doing something you enjoy is great for morale.

The expert recruiters at The Bagg Group add there’s another key benefit of doing even one small thing differently: the ripple effect.  And you don’t have to throw a huge rock to create a ripple effect in the water, just one little stone is enough.

Whenever you make a positive change, big or small, you set off a series of events, some of which you could never predict.    So don’t let the job-hunting blues get you down, instead do one thing this week that you haven’t done before, and see where it takes you.

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