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The Bagg Group Follow-Through Factor Challenge continues with The Bagg Group career coach, Gene Hayden.

Last time you picked one goal that you can make happen, without counting on anyone else.  And you figured out what you’ll say when you achieve your goal, and what you’d say if you didn’t.

This time:  We’re stepping it up.  We’re asking you to think about your goal in a totally different way.

Typically, people come to feel that their is something they really ought to do.

When we first decide on a goal, we all tend to be pretty excited and positive about it.  But then life gets in the way.  Suddenly that thing we want to do starts to feel like pressure – just one more thing we have on our to-do list.

Our enthusiasm can fizzle fast.

No wonder 88% of us drop their goal within three months.

Those who stick with the pursuit, think of their goal not as a must-do but as a really interesting story that they like to talk about.  Going after their goal gives them great material for conversations.

Why does thinking about your goal as a story change everything?

1. We all love hearing a good story – and telling one, especially about ourselves. And what hooks us on a story is wanting to know “what happened next?

Your story begins with you deciding on a goal and continues with you answering the question, “What happened next?”

If you say, “Nothing happened next, I didn’t do anything.” You don’t have a story to tell –nothing to share around the dinner table!

Pursuing your goal takes energy, but not pursuing it, de-energizes you.

 2. Every good story has a hero who figures out how to slay a dragon, or at least get around one without it noticing.  And that’s you.

You’re the hero of your story – the person who has to get past obstacles in your way. And there are always obstacles.

But that’s what makes your story interesting – even if it’s not always easy going. It’s the how-did-you-do-it that matters.

In my book The Follow-Through Factor: Getting from Doubt to Done I look at the 15 most typical obstacles, including not having money or contacts or know-how. And I tell the real-life story of what people did to get over those hurdles. Those are the stories everyone really wants to hear.

3. People want to know how you overcome the obstacles between you and your goal. Your story is their inspiration – and gives you bragging rights.

  • So how did you get back on the horse after you blew the interview?
  • So what did you do when no one got back to you?
  • So how did you change your resume?
  • So what did you do to find temp work?

Maybe your answer is that it took a lot of false starts before you got it right, but that too is interesting. It’s a valuable part of your story.

For instance, say your goal was to regularly go to the gym before work, but you kept waking up late. So then what? So you decided you’ll do something that seems nuts –you’ll go even if it’s just for five minutes on the treadmill, because that’s better than nothing. And so what happened…? Now you have people’s interest –and your own.

Your new challenge:

Think about pursuing your goal as your story. As a storyteller, think about what you’ll say to yourself (and tell others) when you come up against your first obstacle.

Here’s how to begin putting your story together:

  1. What’s one step/ one thing you need do to move toward your goal? It can be small.
  1. What’s one obstacle getting in your way?

That obstacle could be one thing you do – or a feeling or a thought you have—that makes it very hard for you to take that step.

  1. When you come up against an obstacle, you have a choice. You can stop your story. Or you can tell yourself something to motivate yourself to get over that obstacle. What would you like to say to yourself?
  1. Now tell (or imagine telling) this story to a friend, colleague, your child, partner by filling in the blanks.

So I had to …………………(describe the one step) but I was having a hard time because ……………………………………(describe your obstacle /the act or feeling that got in your way). I realized I had to make a choice:. Just give up or tell myself, no way, not this time. So here’s what I told myself:  ………………………………. And as a result, I did………………………….. 

The recruiters at Bagg Professional, Bagg Technology Resources, Bagg @ Your Service, Bagg Managed Resoures, and Turn Key Staffing are already hooked.

Meet you at the next challenge.



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