“Invest in yourself,” Geoff Bagg on Global


As longtime CEO and president of The Bagg Group, Geoff Bagg and his team have helped clients and candidates through rough patches in Ontario’s economy time and time again.

Geoff has seen Canada’s employment stats rise and drop often. Given that he’s one of Canada’s leading employment experts, media frequently interview him on what the numbers mean to those looking for a job. Recently, Global Morning asked Geoff about what people should do when they’re out of work and out of hope.

For his part, Geoff says he was delighted to head to Global’s studios in the early morning to share what he insists is the most critical message for job-hunters: Don’t panic, don’t give up, and don’t think of yourself as a statistic.

“It’s important to remember more people are working at any time than not,” says Geoff. “Unemployment stats are useful for policy makers, but I don’t want to see job-hunters defeated by a number. “

Geoff adds, “We don’t believe in being influenced by employments stats at The Bagg Group — we think onlgeoff at globaly about individuals and what they can offer the marketplace. “

In his interview with Global, Geoff offers job-hunters three tried-and-true tips that he assures will prove more meaningful to their lives than any statistic:

1. Invest in yourself: When looking for work, or even when you have work, continually upgrade skills and knowledge.

Geoff explains, “There aren’t jobs for life anymore. Your investment in yourself is your best security.”

2. Whatever you do, do something: Hiring managers value any activity more than inactivity.

Be flexible and consider taking on temporary placements, contract work, volunteering, shadowing jobs, etc, as you job-hunt.

3. Diversify: If your skill is not in high demand, think about of what complementary skills you can add.

For example, if you have strong writing and communications skills plus IT know-how, you will be of greater interest to the marketplace.

To see Geoff’s interview: http://globalnews.ca/video/1836419/future-of-jobs-in-ontario



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