The Worst Ever Cover Letters … Don’t Go There


We know you want to write the perfect cover letter. We also know that sometimes when you set the bar super high, the task can seem too overwhelming to attempt.

Seeking perfection can paralyze. That’s why we’re excerpting some of the worst ever cover letters, collected by Jessica Liebman, managing editor of Business Insider Magazine.

We hope these blunders will help you relax enough to write your letter.  Maybe your cover letter won’t be the absolute best one the world will ever see, but check out the below to be sure that it won’t be the worst.


There’s short and then there’s I can’t really be bothered:


I am just wondering if you are still offering this position?


FYI: If the job posting is up, consider it on offer.nope

This one doesn’t scream seriously bad attitude –oh no, not much!

I’m sick of writing these pedestrian cover letters; you’re sick of reading them. I won’t gush with some sanctimonious speech about your company; I apply to companies only for whom I’m interested in working.

FYI: Arrogance will never sell you, not even a little.

You could argue this is honest, you could also argue it’s really, really dumb.

I don’ t read much of the magazine that you mentioned …but yes, I do have an analytical mind. I know I am not tailor-made for the job … . 

FYI: A better idea would be do your homework, learn about the company …we’re just sayin’. Also, if you declare you’re not right for the job, there’s every chance the employer will believe you!

Just to be clear, unless it’s an acting job, age is not a qualification.

I am 24 years old which is why I think this position is a great fit for me.

Heads up — mom, dad, friend, family of friend, your friendly barista don’t make the cut for professional references.

I … had my own blog a couple of years ago. I received some feedback from the grandfather of a friend of mine, and it was very positive.

There’s a place for everything – and the cover letter is not the place to mention frustrations about job hunting and/or your social life.

I’m a writer and artist who recently relocated to New York to actually work in one of my fields, only to put a lot of time into cover letters and resumes that never get acknowledged… . Moreover, since I moved here solely for career purposes, and don’t really have any friends yet … I’m in a perfect position to make work my life.

Really, you’d like to learn more about a company? A good start might be to learn its name, and include it somewhere in your letter!

To Whom It May Concern: This letter is to introduce myself and let you know my interest in becoming a part of your company… I assure you that I can successfully fulfill any obligations requiring of any responsibility upon your company… I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully schedule an interview in which I hope to learn more about your company.

FYI: Generic cover letters don’t convince anyone of a genuine interest.

Here’s what is great to do

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Best wishes for a safe, happy holiday season, filled with laughter and joy.


Gene Hayden is author of The Follow-Through Factor: Getting from Doubt to Done. She is a long-time career coach and The Bagg Group’s very own writer-in-residence.

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