What you must know about temping


Thinking of temping?  If so, you’re part of an important growing trend.

Across North America, temporary work is on the rise versus full-time work. And there’s no sign of that slowing down.

Today, it’s standard practice for temporary placements to be factored in as part of a company’s staffing plan.  Certain organizations, or divisions, want to be able to adjust the size of their staff according to need and budget.

Of course, employers still hire people for full-time. It makes good business sense for companies to have permanent staff. However, temps have come a very long way from the days when they were viewed as just someone to call last-minute when things got busy or someone was sick.

You’ll find high-achievers of all ages, with all levels of experience and every kind of skill, working on contract or as temporary workers

From the point-of-view of a job-hunter, there are many reasons to consider working as a temporary employee.  It’s an excellent option while looking for full-time placement, and it’s now a commonplace choice for people who seek or need flexibility around when they work.

The top 6 reasons to temp

  • Make some money.
  • Grow your network of contacts.
  • Get your foot in the door at different companies.
  • Keep your skills up-to-date and sharpened.
  • If you are a new Canadian, it’s a chance to get some Canadian experience
  • Give yourself a break from looking for work by going to work.

But —and this is a very big but –we can’t say this enough:  

 If you decide to temp, make sure your recruiting agency is very established and reputable.

We are renowned across Canada and internationally for our leadership, and our insistence that all those who operate in our field be transparent and abide by the highest industry and legal standards on behalf of employees.

For candidates, one of the easiest ways to assess any recruitment agency is to find out how others who work for it feel about it. In our case, our temporary employees are our biggest champions –they enthusiastically refer their friends, family and colleagues. That tells you a lot about how an agency scores as an employer.

The Bagg Group consistently earns the highest ratings with temporary employees for our quality of service based on our ethical and fair practices.

With that in mind, we urge you to read the FAQs that we put together to inform you about how temping, and a reputable agency, works.


8 questions and answers that every temporary employee should know.
If you decide to temp, ask questions of your recruiter –a good agency will always be happy to answer them.

When I’m a temp, who is my employer?

  • Your staffing agency. As “temp” employee of one of our divisions, we” place” you with a company for a particular assignment. That’s why we call jobs “placements”.

If I’m a Bagg Group temp employee, and the company that I’m placed with offers me a full-time job, can I take it?

  • Yes, and we’ll be thrilled for you. One of the advantages of temping is that it can sometimes lead to full-time employment.

But the company has to pay you to hire me?

  • Sometimes. It depends on how long you’ve been temping with that company and our service agreement with them.

Here’s how recruitment works.

It takes a lot of time and effort to find the right person for a full-time job, and it’s very costly for a company if it makes a mis-hire. That’s why many leave the job to recruitment pros, like The Bagg Group.

We’re contracted to source the best candidates for full-time jobs, contract work and for temporary assignments. We lead in this area. We’ve placed about 60,000 people successfully in full-time, contract, and temp work over our 45+ years.

When we find the right candidate for a full-time position, the client pays us a recruitment fee.

When we place a temp employee who the client then wants to hire full-time, the client may pay a recruitment fee.

This is standard practice across the staffing industry. And there are no surprises since everything is outlined, or should be, in service agreements between recruitment agencies and their clients.

The most important thing for you to know is that if there is a recruitment fee, it is always the employer that pays the staffing service. It is never you, the employee.

As your temp employee, do I have to work overtime if I don’t want to? 

  • The Bagg Group started as a small family business. And though we now have five divisions, we still think like a family business – people matter most.
  • We believe happy employees make for more productive workplaces, and happier families and communities.
  • All to say, we don’t want anyone to be miserable at work. When we offer you a temporary assignment, we review all the details, including expectations for overtime hours.
  • We give you the info that we have, upfront. This way, you can decide whether this is the right placement for you before you accept it.

If I don’t want to work overtime or holidays, will you drop me from your roster of candidates?

  • No, certainly not!  If a job comes up that may require overtime or holiday shifts, we won’t contact you for that particular placement.

Are hourly wages for temps less than full-time employees doing the same work?  

  • Unfortunately, there is a gap between temp pay and full-time pay for some types of jobs. This is true across Canada and the US.
  • We anticipate, and we hope, that since temporary employees are the fastest growing segment of the labour force, there’ll be welcome changes in the future to address the interests of temporary workers.

Can temp employees receive raises?

  • Yes, Bagg Group temp employees can and do. Talk to your recruiter about how to make the most of your temporary employment career with us.

As a temporary worker, does The Bagg Group protect my rights?

  • We have your back, count on it. That’s why we’re one of the leading temp agencies in Ontario. And that’s why, as mentioned above, so many of our temp employees refer others to us.
  • Your workplace health and safety are our top priority. We ensure strict adherence to the Employment Standards Act and to the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  • We ask all of our temp employees to give their recruiter a call if they have concerns of any kind. We will look  out for you–it’s what we do.

What kinds of work can I find as a temp employee?

  • Speaking for us —Bagg ProBagg Technology ResourcesBagg @ Your ServiceBagg Managed Resources, and Turn Key Staffing place people in temporary or contract positions.
  • Between our five divisions, we have opportunities in administrative and professional, IT, customer service, finance, accounting, sales and marketing, hospitality, light industry, and more. So check our job boards and know that when you temp for us, you can relax in knowing you’re working for the proven best.

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