What’s a jobcation? Great examples here


You’ve heard of a staycation where you spend your holiday exploring your city.  Our version of a jobcation is also about exploring close to home – by taking temporary work that may be different than what you are used to.

Our top 5 reasons for a jobcation:

Temp work is a chance to earn some extra income, shake up your day-to-day, and meet new people.

Jackie Chua, head of Bagg Pro, and a 30+ year expert in recruitment, urges everyone to expand their circles. Professional networking is important, but Jackie says so too is getting to know people from different walks of life. Temporary work is a surefire way to make more connections.

“Change is as good as a holiday.” 

You’ve heard the saying, and sure, we’d all rather be sailing, but when lifting anchor is not an option, than doing something that is a break from your regular routine really can be the next best thing.

Sometimes, good for right now is good enough

 The great thing about a temp job is that it’s short-term. It doesn’t have to be right for you forever, just something that can work for you in the here and now.

Temporary work is a learning opportunity:

There’s value in observing and learning from every job situation. And if you doubt that, consider the popular series Undercover Boss in which top execs take on all kinds of jobs in their company to find out how things are really working at their organization.

How can you learn from a temp job?

Say you’re in marketing, looking for a full-time job, and you’re a country music fan.  You take a weekend customer service job, working at ground level at at the biggest country music festival in Canada.  See Hearts and Boots below.

It’s something different, it’s fun, and when you later interview for a full-time job in marketing, you mention that you worked a festival from the front-lines – and got  insight into people’s moods, interests, habits at big events.

“Things happen for you when you do things” CEO Geoff Bagg

Geoff Bagg urges candidates that doing something is always better than doing nothing. He knows!  Over The Bagg Group’s long history, we’ve placed over 60,000 people successfully in full-time, temporary and contract positions.  These people are do-ers.

Does taking temp work mean you give up your job search for full-time employment? No!

Those who keep their eyes open, make contacts, and send out resumes have a better chance of landing a position than those who give up for the entire summer. And that’s a fact. But as we said above, change can be energizing.   And just as people who are in full-time work may look for other opportunities after hours, so too do temp workers.

2 great examples of jobcations

Get paid to attend two summer music festivals – plus free wristband, meal vouchers  

Upbeat, enthusiastic teams from Bagg@Your Service will make hot events of July and August a real success – and there’s still opportunity for you to join them.

Way Home Festival – Oro Medonte, July 28 -30

Imagine Dragons, Frank Ocean, Solange, Foster the People, and more ….

Here’s how this music festival describes itself:  WayHome is more than a music festival. It’s a community. It’s an escape. It’s an experience. It can be once-in-a-lifetime, but for most, it’s once-a-summer. Stunning performances, larger than life art installations – set on a canvas of lush green fields that feel good under your toes. A million miles away from ’normal life’, but only an hour north of Toronto.  Not a bad place to work a weekend!

Boots and Hearts – Oro Medonte, August 10 – 13

Boots-and-Hearts-logoThis is 4 incredible days billed as the Party of the Summer with superstars Keith Urban and Keifer Sutherland among the more than 30 fantastic acts on the grounds.

Extra perks when working for Bagg@Your Service at Oro Medonte:boots and hearts crowd

Before and after your shifts, the music goes on and you’re free to enjoy it.

Plus, you’re welcome to bring your sleeping bags and tents and camp overnight.

If you are commuting, there’s free parking for you or transportation if needed.

So if music festivals are your thing, these are the gigs to work

Bottom line:  Even if you’re looking for full-time work, be sure to also check listings for contract and temporary placements on our job board.

You may find there’s a short-term opportunity with Bagg Pro, Bagg Technology Resources, Bagg @ Your Service, Bagg Managed Resources or Turn Key Staffing that could allow you a jobcation.

And this summer could serve up more interesting, and valuable, experiences.


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