How to choose a reputable agency – your safety depends on it


A reputable temporary staffing agency protects your rights as an employee and cares about your safety and wellbeing at work.

There are a number of reputable agencies operating in the GTA and surrounding areas.

However, there are also businesses in the GTA that say they are legitimate, safe employment agencies, but they’re not. These agencies do not abide by the law, instead they exploit and mislead their employees.

To help you stay clear of these unethical businesses, we have put together a quick guide to some typical danger signs.

Stop! Danger!

When an agency hires you without interviewing you: If you are looking for temporary employment, it is standard practice for you to go to the employment agency office or complete an in-depth interview via Skype or telephone and then complete the required safety training. It is not standard practice to receive a call from an agency and be sent directly to work, without instruction or training.

Know this

  • Reputable agencies bring you into their offices for an in-person interview, or conduct in-depth interviews with you.

When they want to pay you in cash: It is not to your benefit when an agency offers to pay you only in cash without a paystub.

Know this

  • You are required to receive a paystub showing deductions for work performed. It is not to your advantage to be paid in cash, without a paystub.
  • You should know that deductions and taxes are minimal at lower levels of pay – and allow you to be eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) should you need it.

When they tell you bigger or better known temp agencies will pay less: That is not true!

Know this …

  • Reputable agencies have opportunities at a range of hourly rates depending on the position, skills and experience required, etc.  For a case in point, take a look at the 5 divisions of The Bagg Group:
  • Bagg Professional has many professional office roles that pay $14 to $80 per hour depending on the level and type of position.
    Bagg Managed Resources has many jobs available that pay $12 to $22 per hour.
    Bagg Technology Resources has many contracts available that pay between $15 and $120 an hour.
    Bagg @ Your Service has many event and hospitality roles that pay $12 to $30 per hour.
    Turn Key Staffing Solutions has many jobs available that pay $13 to $16 per hour north of the GTA.

When they tell you lots of people want your job, so if you complain or ask questions, you’ll be out: Never trust anyone who tells you to keep your worries to yourself!

Know this …

  • It is against the law for anyone to punish or threaten a person who asks about their employment rights.

When they don’t provide you with the required safety training:

  • If the temp agency does not train you, your safety may be at risk!


  • !!! Lack of training leads to workplace injuries and fatalities !!!

When they do not provide a written Information Assignment Sheet about the workplace: They may provide you with verbal instruction, but you never get anything in writing.

Know this …

They are violating the law which says you must have, in writing, information that shows:

The name(s) of the business where you are being placed

All contact information for the business where you are being placed

Your pay — and any benefits if applicable

Your pay period and pay day

A general description of your work

A general estimate of length of placement (if known).

When they don’t give you written information about who they are. The agency is your employer and it is a red flag if they don’t give you any information in writing.

Know this

They are violating the law that says you must receive written information that details:

Name of the temp agency (legal names and others if different from legal name)

Contact names and all contact info for the temp agency.

A copy of Your Employment Standards Rights: Temporary Help Agency Assignment Employees. The agency will make this available to you in your first language, if it is available from the Ministry of Labour.

When they tell you that it will never be possible for you to get a permanent position anywhere: That’s not a fact.

Know this…

  • Your temp agency should be your advocate. Of course, not all jobs placements will lead to permanent positions. However, we regularly have temp-to-permanent opportunities. We do everything we can to support our employees’ hopes and ambitions.

When they say you have to pay them a fee to get a job: Do not sign with this agency.

Know this …

  • Jobseekers never pay reputable staffing firms and recruiting companies. This is not legal.

The Bagg Group family includes Bagg Professional, Bagg@Your Service (B@YS), Bagg Technology Resources (BTR), and Bagg Managed Resources, and Turn Key Staffing Solutions.

We are recruiters who care about the wellbeing of the people we place. Together, we’ve made over 60,000 successful placements – temporary, contract and permanent — over our 46 years.

We have many opportunities for temporary work, among others. Check out our jobs at

But whatever you do, we urge you to only ever sign with an agency that is reputable and follows the law.




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