Job-hunters: Do less. Seriously.


When it comes to sending out resumes, here’s what the experts at The Bagg Group want you to know.  Quality matters more than quantity.

Many job seekers believe the best way to land a job interview is to upload the same one-size-fits-all resume to as many places as possible. Their strategy is to press send, often and quickly. Then hope their resume is picked out as a match for a position.

That’s a little like playing the slots.

Sure, you’re playing the numbers game, but you’re playing long odds.  The Bagg Group recruiters have a smarter way.

We’re all about making sure there’s a great fit between a person and a position.

That’s why our clients, the best companies in the GTA and Canada, trust us when it comes to finding them the best people.

And that’s why, over our 45+ years, we have made more than 65,000 happy placements in full-time, contract, and temporary placements.

Here are the Bagg Group best tips on how you can increase your odds of a happy placement

  • Don’t blanket, target.

Don’t waste energy and time applying to jobs you really don’t want.  Instead, ask yourself, would you like doing the main tasks expected of you? Is the culture right for you?  Can you handle the location?

If it’s not right, move on to a job positing that’s more in line with what works for you.

  • Read the job posting carefully.  Then go to the company website.

This takes time, but it’s time well spent.

 Keep a list of companies that you have researched and seem like places you would want to work.  You may want to title this list, Companies to watch.  If you don’t get an interview with one of these companies, return frequently to its career section, and follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

When it comes to our job board, also visit often. There are always new full-time, contract and temporary opportunities offered through our five busy divisions — Bagg Professional, Bagg Technology Resources, Bagg @ Your Service, Bagg Managed Resources, and Turn Key Staffing Solutions.

  • Customize your resume.

We can’t say it enough –it is essential to customize your resume so that it is immediately clear that you meet the job demands.

 The experts at The Bagg Group understand that you can’t reinvent your resume — you have the skills and experience that you have, at this point in your career.  But you can prioritize, highlight and mirror as much as possible to match the job posting.


Companies typically list the skills and experience in order of what matters most to them.  In your profile at the top of your resume, list your matching technical experience and soft skills in the same order as the job posting.


Under each job title, highlight the experience you have that the company is looking for — put it as your first point, don’t bury it.

Mirror the key terms in the job posting.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. To help you succeed at the screening stage, use the same key terms as in the job posting.  If the posting asks for a”self-starter”, use the term “self-starter.”  If the posting calls for someone to handle “high volume workloads”, indicate how you are adept at handling “high volume workloads.”

  • Try Batching

This is a popular productivity technique that many job-hunters find helpful.  Instead of moving non-stop from one activity to another when getting out your resumes, work on a batch of the same activity.   Here’s what that might look like.

Monday —  Find job postings to apply to.  Assign a block of time to simply coming up with job postings.

Tuesday —  Research job postings.  Spend a block of time going through all the job postings you found to weed out ones that aren’t a good fit for you.

Wednesday — Tweak resumes. Today is customizing resume day.  Dedicate your time exclusively to tweaking your resume for every job posting.

Thursday — Cover letter day.  Dedicate a chunk of time to writing a cover letter for each job posting.

Batching is a method designed to help improve focus and productivity by eliminating the stress and distraction of multi-tasking.

All together, these tips will improve your odds and help you get to the next step.

Gene Hayden, author of The Follow-Through Factor: Getting from Doubt to Done (Random House), is a career coach who has helped hundreds successfully put their best foot forward at interviews and in the workplace. She is also writer-in-residence for The Bagg Group.


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